Reinvent a boring wooden bathroom floor with a chequerboard paint effect

By House and Home in Makeover, Reinvent on Wednesday, August 22, 2012 - 14:00
DIY: how to reinvent your bathroom floor

Fresh, fun and super-easy: the hand-painted floor mat!

You can achieve this pretty optical illusion with little fuss and while it works best on a white-washed floor, don’t be afraid to play with deeper backgrounds for interesting results. Start by sketching your design on paper and choosing either co-ordinating or contrasting colours.

The shades pictured here are all from the Retrospectives paint collections by Little Greene (

  • Hicks Blue
  • Shirting
  • Purpleheart
  • Tivoli
  • Narcissus
  • Debutant

Here's what to do:

  1. Paint each section individually, being careful to accurately mark the border of each square with good quality masking tape – painting outside the lines simply won’t wash!
  2. Ensure each coloured square has dried completely before beginning an adjoining square
  3. Never remove masking tape until you are certain the pain is bone dry.
  4. For extra durability, finish with a good paint sealant that will add a glossy finish and prevent scuffing.

the finished look - a painted wooden bathroom floor

We love it - what about you?