Be creative with interactive wallpaper

By Jimmy Loughran in Walls on Wednesday, July 7, 2010 - 14:30

Interactive wallpaper, like bespoke wallpaper, offers consumers a personalised design experience where the wallpaper is merely an unfinished template and the design must be completed at home once the wallpaper has been hung. The finished result is totally unique and with easy styles and techniques to choose from, this form of decorating can be fun for all the family to participate. 

Frames, Black & White

By British Design Talent, €26.35 per roll. This completely interactive wallpaper designed by artists Taylor and Wood allows you to decide how the wallpaper looks. Whether you want to display family photos in the frames, get creative and fill the space with doodles or abandon the rules and let your kids go wild on the walls, this wallpaper design is the perfect blank canvas for budding artists and interiors enthusiast alike.

Tick Tock

From Boudie and Fou, €42.50. Let your kids demonstrate their decorative talents with this highly decorative interactive wallpaper. This wallpaper can be painted on or coloured in with pencil or crayon and is perfect for adding a personalised touch to a child’s bedroom. 

Tears Off wallpaper

By Movisi, prices starting at €9.99 per sheet. Designed by German furniture company Movisi, this wallpaper comprises of an upper layer with specially created perforation so tearing off the top layer to reveal the colour underneath, creating a new design. Available in different colours, this wallpaper can be placed over a painted design or another type of wallpaper to make the contrast and design as simple or as elaborate as you choose. 

Russian Doll wall stickers

By, €42 for a pack of three. If you aren’t brave enough to commit to full wallpaper, wall stickers are a cheap and innovative way to customise a wall space and add some detail to a block colour wall. Available in a range of colours, these cute Russian dolls are the perfect way to inject some kitsch girlie glamour and look great in bedrooms

Which is your favourite?

Which of these four interactive wall ideas are your favourite? Or do you shudder if you hear crayons and wallpaper in the same sentence?