Seven storage tips for your home

By Jimmy Loughran in Buyers Guide on Thursday, July 15, 2010 - 20:53

Keep your belongings safe and sound with the help of these rules for creating the perfect storage solutions...

The importance of innovative design

Product designers are constantly coming up with fresh ideas to suit your home. This clever sideboard from IKEA not only stores you shoes neatly and out of sight, it also looks great too

Keep kids clutter to a minimum

Personalised children’s bedroom systems are booming and it’s easy to see why. Designs that include beds, wardrobes, desks, shelving, drawers and more will encourage your kids to be room-proud and keep that clutter to a minimum. Try companies like Clever Kids and Wooden Toys. Alternatively these Samla boxes from IKEA are a more affordable solution for your kid’s mess, starting from 90c.

Don't be afraid to show off your clutter

Many of the things we own remind us of cherished memories, so they belong on display. Alternatively pick up pretty boxes and baskets to house your favourite bits and pieces. Head to Avoca for funky home accessory brands such as Lisbeth Dahl and Rice or invest in simple shelving solutions like this Morkrod String design available from Inreda.

Invest in a modular system

Get the storage that suits you with the help of a custom design. The Swedish designed and built Elfa system, pictured here, is for all rooms in the house. Engineered to hang from a single fixed top track it can be reconfigured at any time. Available from Howard’s Storage World.

Use storage jars

From Tupperware to Kilner jars, kitchen storage is an art form. Be thrifty and use old jam jars or pick up these classic styles by Garden Trading, available at House of Fraser.

Don't hoard

Good storage is no excuse for keeping things you don’t need. Give your home a good spring clean once a year and lose the excess. Find these gorgeous goodies in Rice.

Make your storage part of décor

See past its utility status and create art on your walls with the simplest shapes, like this Occa high lustre wall mounted bookcase, from €325, BoConcept. Alternatively paint simple wall shelves in a complimentary colour to your walls, to create a unique stripe effect.

Share your knowledge

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