Talkin’ about a resolution...

By Dara Flynn in News on Friday, December 31, 2010 - 23:34

Rightio folks -  we all know what a brand new year means: resolutions, promises and great intentions a go-go. We’re not making the same mistake as last year, though: this time around, we’ll be stickin’ to absolutely everythin’ we say. We mean it. No, really. How many of our resolutions will you be ratifying for your home throughout 2011?

1. Shift Into Neutral

A New Neutral.  Ba-byee! to bland beige and not-so-magnificent magnolia. We’re all about brulees, blue-tinted greys and gorgeous greiges this year. Get yours before the Joneses, but first get some handy tips on decorating with neutrals from our new January/ February issue of House and Home.

2. When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Buy Irish

At House & Home, we’re still flyin’ the flag for a greener lifestyle, as in, a home packed with purchases that support home-grown Irish makers. 2011 is also Irish year of Craft. Take a peek at the Crafts council of Ireland’s website to see if anything takes your fancy, or go online to seek out Irish-made homewares out there.

3. Declutter

By this, we don’t just mean a general tidy up and store away – we mean tearing out the old and making way for bringing in the new. At the very least, it keeps the charity shops in business at a time they need our spare gear the most.

4. Upcycle, Recycle, Sew, Knit, Bake

Five mantras we’ve adopted at Casa House and Home in 2010 that we have designs on perfecting this year. Use the swap and freebie website as often as possible. Swap the supermarket goodies for yummies straight from the oven. Knit or sew at least three personal gifts this year. And get the sander out – there’s nothing like a customised piece of kit to make your home feel like nobody else’s. Yes, it takes effort, but as far as we’re concerned, staying in and being frightfully goddess-y in the domestic department is the new going out. You read it here first!

5. Improve

It still isn’t time to move! None of the bespectacled clever types are predicting a sudden Frankenstein-style revival of our poor property market in 2011, so we might as well keep our twiddly thumbs busy with some improvement projects. Labour’s still cheaper, and suppliers will still cut the odd deal. Ramshackle under-used understairs loo? More like splendid new storage space complete with lovely floral feature wall!