Emmanuelle Marion’s ornate, minimalist home

By Dara Flynn in My Style on Tuesday, July 13, 2010 - 16:30

Fabric designer Emmanuelle Marion, from Burgundy, has taken her design inspiration from all over the world  - including Ireland  -and applied it to her chic Sandymount home in Dublin. 

(Photography: Paul Sherwood)

Living room:

“As a fabric designer, attention to detail is very important to me. I keep it simple, but it is that ornate character of things that make something personal.”

The sofa and coffee table are both from Habitat, although Emmanuelle plans to replace the table with a Tree coffee table by the Irish furniture designers VaughShannon. The painting over the mantelpiece is an original painting by Seán McSweeney.


The kitchen stools by Vitra fit in with Marion's overall minimalist aesthetic.

My own sense of style - if you could put a name on it – is ornate minimalism. I love clean lines and simplicity, but I'm also a fan of ornate detail and decoration.

Dining area:

Emmanuelle’s favourite place in her home is the seat by the L shaped bay window, beside the dining table from Meadows and Byrne.

“It’s a really bright space and has become a creative space too. I keep the materials I design with all around me. My fabrics are very important to me and they bring a really unique feel to my home.” 

Last year, Emmanuelle ran a series of Pimp My IKEA  workshops during Design Week 2009, and she intends to tackle her own IKEA dining chairs soon.

“They are not that comfortable! I'm planning to weave the back with reclaimed fabrics and possibly even ties and add pimped pads,” she says. 


Marion is an avid believer in the influence of world cultures and often adopts items abroad and finds a carefully-chosen place for them in the Sandymount home she shares with her partner Michael.  

Marion mixes her contemporary style with a twist of local inspiration from her travels. One of the designer’s favourite items is a piece of dark ceramic art by a Canadian designer named Audrey Killoran which she brought back from a visit to Montreal.  

Our verdict:

Marion masters the minimalist style without making her home feel cold and unwelcoming. 

We'd like to know which piece of original artwork in Marion's home is your favourite - and why?

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