#InteriorInfluence19: 28 Irish Instagrammers who are nailing their interiors photography

By Aoife Valentine Secor 16-10-2019

It's time! We're announcing our full shortlists for the Interior Influence 2019 Awards, celebrating Ireland's online creative community in House and Home style. We wanted to shine a light on all of our incredible nominees - and believe us, there is A LOT of talent out there - by introducing you to the shortlisted accounts in every category. 

We all know that without gorgeous photography, Instagram wouldn't be one of our favourite platforms for discovering new interiors and homes. This is the shortlist for 'Best Use of Photography' - the account that nails its interiors photography, sponsored by Desenio.

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These accounts are the ones where the lighting is always right, the subject matter is spot-on and the individual posts and Instagram grid are simply gorgeous.


In alphabetical order, these are the 28 Irish Instagrammers who are nailing their interiors photography.



Name: Tanya - @6highstreet

Following: 3,062

About: Tanya's renovating her 1786 Georgian home and she knows how to capture gorgeous light on her even more gorgeous interiors perfectly.


Name: Agata - @agata.kmuk

Following: 5,916

About: Gorgeously bright and Scandi-inspired photography, there's not a detail missed in Agata's shots.



Name: Caroline - @ahousebythetrees

Following: 41,901

About: Big, wide angles on Caroline's self build rooms give you a true sense of what each room feels like.



Name: Catherine - @an_irish_homelife

Following: 4,747

About: With tonnes of depth to the details and layers Catherine includes in her photos, you can tell she plans each shot carefully.



Name: Joanne - @aproudhome

Following: 28,214

About: True-to-life colour and carefully composed photos are hallmarks of Joanne's interiors photography.



Name: Ida - @bythun

Following: 5,022

About: With minimal interiors, Ida has no place to hide when it comes to her photography, which always showcase her home in a warm manner.



Name: Cathy - @cathymcgovern_carrowlane

Following: 4,182

About: You'd be forgiven for missing a detail or two when Cathy manages to pack so much into every shot without it feeling overwhelming.



Name: Catherine - @daintydressdiaries

Following: 65,386

About: Catherine's pastel-hued photography is her signature, and it showcases her dainty home perfectly.



Name: Laura - @deco.dwelling

Following: 6,054

About: Balancing the perfect lighting with dark interiors, Laura's interiors photography is well balanced.



Name: Dreah - @dreah.home

Following: 4,322

About: Gorgeously lit and balanced photos, Dreah captures her home from all angles.



Name: Lorna - @for.the.love.of.greige

Following: 28,929

About: Greige by name but certainly not by nature, Lorna's interiors photography is stunningly soft.



Name: Joanne - @happeyside

Following: 3,804

About: With interesting angles and tonnes of details in shot, it's clear Joanne plans her photos carefully.



Name: Sarah - @housebythewhitethorns

Following: 21,593

About: Sarah mixes her interiors photography with some more lifestyle images with her children for a gorgeous grid.



Name: Paul - @insect_chart

Following: 1,760

About: Darker photography than most of our nominees, but Paul manages to make it work to showcase his quirky interiors.



Name: Helen - @insidenumbersixteen

Following: 53,165

About: Clean photography of her minimal interiors, Helen mixes in the occasional pop of colour perfectly.



Name: Emma - @littlewoodlife

Following: 32,767

About: Beautifully composed images, and a lovely mix of lifestyle and interiors photography round out Emma's grid.



Name: Barbara - @livingandbeauty

Following: 6,031

About: A fabulous mix of wide angle and detail shots really show you the ins and outs of Barbara's home.



Name: Tara - @mollysabode

Following: 1,354

About: Tara has developed a clear style for her interiors photography which works for all angles.



Name: Eniko - @mydarkhome_

Following: 78,759

About: Showcasing her dark home with such perfectly balanced lighting takes talent.



Name: Lynn - @myoldbrandnewhome

Following: 5,810

About: Lynn's got capturing her home from every angle down to a fine art.



Name: Darran - @oldvictoriannew

Following: 16,464

About: You almost feel you know your way around Darran's house, it's captured so well by his interiors photography.



Name: Paula - @paulaasple

Following: 835

About: Proving beautiful natural light makes a huge difference to interiors photography, Paula's shots are lovely.



Name: Gill - @rowans_rainbow

Following: 33,296

About: Gill perfectly captures all the colours of the rainbow in her home, making for a beautiful, bright, bold grid.



Name: Ruth - @ruby.aimee

Following: 7,110

About: Ruth captures her dark and daring interiors without losing any of the gorgeous detail.



Name: Yvonne - @sixat21

Following: 123,868

About: Yvonne's interiors photography is full of millions of perfectly styled details, and it makes you stop in your scroll so you can really examine.



Name: Gareth - @thehouseinthehollow

Following: 20,393

About: Balancing gorgeous interiors with self-build reality, Gareth really showcases the best of both worlds through his interiors photography.



Name: Wioleta - @wioleta_kelly

Following: 10,846

About: Wioleta's interiors photography is wonderfully warm, soft and bright, making for a beautiful grid.



Name: Maggie - @wisteriatreehouse

Following: 7,515

About: Maggie's interiors photography captures the old world charm of her 18th century home beautifully.

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