#InteriorInfluence19: 19 Irish Instagrammers making the most of a small home

By Aoife Valentine Secor 17-10-2019

It's time! We're announcing our full shortlists for the Interior Influence 2019 Awards, celebrating Ireland's online creative community in House and Home style. We wanted to shine a light on all of our incredible nominees - and believe us, there is A LOT of talent out there - by introducing you to the shortlisted accounts in every category. 

Not everyone has a mansion to deck out but that doesn't mean their interiors can't be on point. We're showcasing some of the best uses of a small space or small home - those who make clever use of their space, have little hacks to maximise what's available to them, and who still have deadly interiors taste, sponsored by Optimise Home.


In alphabetical order, these are the 19 Irish Instagrammers who are making the most of a small home



Name: Catherine - @daintydressdiaries

Following: 65,411

About: Catherine makes the most of her small rooms, DIYing her spaces to maximise how she can use them.



Name: Heather - @doras.rua

Following: 1,290

About: Heather is transforming her cottage after a flood, and using space and colour wisely.




Name: Seana Anne - @fifthwheel.fixerupper

Following: 1,026

About: Seana Anne has renovated this caravan to function more like a home, and she's made it feel big and airy with her changes.



Name: Gill - @gillderiu_

Following: 3,542

About: Gill has cleverly zoned her renovated cottage to give the sense of more space and room.



Name: Paul O’Rourke - @insect_chart

Following: 1,726

About: Dublin city apartments are notoriously not spacious, but with clever use of colour and furniture, Paul has really defined his space.



Name: Kellie - @jellieandthebeans

Following: 1,326

About: Very few spaces, from cubby holes to wall recesses, have gone unused in Kellie's home.



Name: Mark - @mark__t

Following: 307

About: An open-plan layout has really allowed Mark let light and airyness work its magic to make his apartment feel bigger than it is.



Name: Michelle - @michellemadethis

Following: 3,257

About: Michelle is big on accessorising, colour and pattern, and yet with clever styling, none of it has taken over in her cottage.



Name: Emma Edmonds - @missemmaedmonds

Following: 2,053

About: A smart layout and clever use of light, bright colours has opened Emma's home up beautifully.



Name: Emily Jane - @mollys_vintagevibes

Following: 3,522

About: Emily Jane proves that even in a small home, you don't have to be afraid of colour, pattern and most especially, wallpaper.



Name: @my_tinyshedlife

Following: 1,306

About: Embracing the #tinyhome life, @my_tinyshedlife lives in, well, a tiny shed/cabin, and has managed to style it to the max.



Name: Darran - @oldvictoriannew

Following: 16,465

About: Working with a small Victorian home, Darran has managed to take advantage of those high ceilings to give his home a more spacious feel.



Name: Gill - @rowans_rainbow

Following: 32.9k

About: Gill's extended cottage is a riot of colour, proving that small spaces don't just have to be white, bright homes to feel spacious.



Name: Ruth - @ruby.aimee

Following: 7,074

About: Ruth has gone dark in her small home, proving dark hues in small spaces don't have to close them in.



Name: Ruthie - @ruby.loves

Following: 1,371

About: Ruthie has squeezed a lot into her self-confessed 'little house' but the pink theme keeps it all consistent.



Name: Saoirse - @shinnyscaf

Following: 4,660

About: Saoirse's small terraced house has meant she's had to be clever to make the small home work for her family.



Name: Yvonne - @sixat21

Following: 124,028

About: Careful organisation and arrangement means that while Yvonne's house is packed with gorgeous furniture and accessories, her home doesn't look overcrowded.



Name: Suzie - @thehousebeyondthepalms

Following: 5,718

About: A renovated council house, Suzie added a small extension to the house which has offered her a little more room, but opened the home massively.



Name: Susan Crosbie - @tinyinteriorz

Following: 3,446

About: Susan has a lot of clever multi-use pieces in her 256 sq ft log house that allows the small space to serve many functions.


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