The new IKEA HJÄRTELIG collection is all about creating a warm, inviting interior

By Aoife Valentine 14-03-2018

IKEA HJÄRTELIG is the new collection from the Swedish homeware giant, and it's all centred around creating a warm, inviting interior that enables you to press pause at home.

Designed with a delicate touch, these home furnishings have a light, peaceful feeling, without losing the useful, durable qualities you've come to expect from IKEA products. From a multi-functioning bed for stretching out, to scented candles for creating a calming ambience, to inviting ways to introduce more greenery to your home, the collection is designed to create a pleasant atmosphere for rest and relaxation.

Special attention was given to the use of beautiful, natural materials that appeal to the senses - cotton from more sustainable sources, rattan, linen, cork and solid pine all lend their unique qualities to the different homewares. With the more natural materials used, there's also a sense that your home is bringing you back to nature, which IKEA say is necessary in a world where we're all only getting busier and busier and feeling less connected to the world at large.

IKEA HJÄRTELIG will launch in stores from April, and these are some of the best bits of what you can expect from the collection.

Bench with clothes rack, €89


2 pack cushion covers, €14

Glass cone with base, €14


3 pack hangers, €4.50

Basket with lid, €29

Bedside table, €49


Jewellery bowl, €4

Plant pot with trellis, €19

Platform, €85, with floor cushion, €125


Bed cover and 2 pillowcase set (double), €65


Headboard (wall-mounted), €70

Platform, €85 each, and bedcover and pillowcases, €65


Room divider, €115

2 pack scented candles, €10

2 pack unscented block candle, €7

Vase, €17

Yoga bag, €15

2 pack yoga blocks, €15 

Yoga mat, €17


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