IKEA's new SJÄLVSTÄNDIG collection is full of bold colours and patterns for winter

By Aoife Valentine Secor 15-11-2018

A modular carpet, pillows with buttons and imperfectly mass-produced vases. This pretty much sums up the quirky collection of SJÄLVSTÄNDIG. Originally inspired by personalisation and DIY movements, the SJÄLVSTÄNDIG products have been designed and produced with the intention of you making them your own. And it's just a happy coincidence that these are the perfect shades for winter updates to your home.

It's a collection with loud aesthetics, bold colours and patterns; like the metal chair in a hot salmon pink. “We also explored how we might be able to enable people to modify, play with, and build upon what we’ve made,” says IKEA Creative Leader, Maria O’Brian.

Floor cushion, €20 each, cushion covers from €5, lamp shades from €7, chair €55, table €40, stool €35, low pile rug from €50, bowls €22.

Exploring the realm of personalisation and DIY, Maria and the team focused on how to design “unfinished” products that would allow people to modify them. For example, the carpets are cut in geometric shapes, combining both colours and patterns. They've got hook and loop fasteners so you can mix and match to create unusual shapes or something more traditional, depending on what you want.

Similarly, the SJÄLVSTÄNDIG legs, made out of untreated beech, allow you to configure them however you like. Paint them. Rearrange them. Make them longer or, keep them short and simple, depending on whether you want to use them for a cabinet or an armchair or something else entirely.

How cool are these floor cushions? IKEA were playing around with the idea that maybe cushions don't only belong on couches and beds, and this was part of the results. The SJÄLVSTÄNDIG collection is supposed to prompt you to ask and to dare, to try something new and to ignore the beaten path.

Our favourite piece from the new collection, though? The SJÄLVSTÄNDIG indoor-outdoor chairs and stools, at €55 and €35 apiece. Their building block quality means they work well on their own but can also be built up in a super simple way to work with whatever you need.

The whole collection is available in IKEA now. 

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