21 seriously inspiring Irish self build Instagrams to follow

By Aoife Valentine Secor 26-06-2019

You know we're all about the interiors Instagram community, and one of our favourite factions of it is the Irish self build accounts. If you're looking for real accounts of the graft and ideas that goes into building your own home, you don't need to look any further. Plus, if you've got an Irish self build dream of your own, they are a gold mine of inspiration.

With that in mind, we thought we'd put the spotlight on some incredible Irish self build Instagram accounts for you to follow yourself - these people are at all stages of the self build journey, so there's sure to be someone who matches where you're at with your own project.


1. @CoallaneHouse

Location: Dublin

Instagram: instagram.com/CoallaneHouse

Owned by an architect and interior designer duo, this is an expert journey. Their highlights show their progress from week one when they broke ground, so you won't miss any of it.


2. @CheringtonHouse

Location: Kilkenny

Instagram: instagram.com/CheringtonHouse

After a nine-month build last year, Triona and her family have completed their self build and now they're onto the fun bit - putting the finishing touches to the interiors!

3. @SeaNuaHouse

Location: Tipperary

Instagram: instagram.com/SeaNuaHouse

Jessica and Dan started their Irish self build journey in mid 2017 and had their housewarming after Christmas last year. They're still working on their decor, fitting floors and buying new pieces for every room, so it's far from a completed project, but a joy to watch come together.


4. @TheHouseOver

Location: Dublin

Instagram: instagram.com/TheHouseOver

Kate, Aidan and their three kids under five are building their dream home after years and years of renting. Originally they planned a renovation, but it turned into knocking the whole thing down and starting from scratch. They only took down their scaffolding in February this year so they're on the home stretch now.


5. @Roscommon_NewBuild


Location: Roscommon

Instagram: instagram.com/Roscommon_NewBuild

They broke ground last November and have made huge progress since. Their #MyTipMonday is where they share some of the wisdom they've picked up along the way, things they wish they knew sooner or learned the hard way, meaning there's a wealth of knowledge to learn from.

6. @Our_Self_Build_NI

Location: Northern Ireland

Instagram: instagram.com/Our_Self_Build_NI

A beautiful completed project to keep your hopes alive when it seems like you're getting nowhere fast with your own project, this gorgeous home is owned by an interior designer so you know the inspiration will be on point.

7. @Abhaile_2018

Instagram: instagram.com/Abhaile_2018

If you're looking for a real account of the ups and downs of an Irish self build, look no further than Abhaile_2018, who gives a very realistic view of their journey

8. @NewHouseBuild

Location: Dublin

Instagram: instagram.com/NewHouseBuild

This house is starting to take shape, with windows going in and plastering next on the list. Brian showcases the process as he builds, as well as posting inspiring images for his future dream decor.

9. @DarickHouse

Location: Meath

Instagram: instagram.com/DarickHouse

A timber-frame house with some interesting design features, built by a husband and wife team. He's a carpenter too, so if you've got timber-frame questions, this is your first port of call!

10. @BuildingTheCrowleyHomestead

Location: Cork

Instagram: instagram.com/BuildingTheCrowleyHomestead

Right at the beginning of their journey, the Crowleys are creating a modern take on a traditional farmhouse, with a maximalist interior style, which should be super interesting to watch come together.

11. @Sarahs_Ivy_Hill


Location: Waterford

Instagram: instagram.com/Sarahs_Ivy_Hill

'Completed' just recently in April, after a ten month build, they are now working on their many undone rooms. Watch her journey continue, complete with kids and pets in tow!



12. @KilsarnHouse

View this post on Instagram

90% loading ⏳but we're in 😁🙌 My favourite and cleanest part of the house but still loads to unpack, still lots of dust, tools still everywhere, scaffolding in the hallway, we have no table or chairs, no bedside lockers and I forgot my pyjamas 🤣 but we have running water, hot and cold, food in the fridge, all appliances are working, a couch and a bed and most importantly... eachother... Haha joking, most importantly... a T. V ❤️😂 Feels very surreal to be actually moving in, everyone asks if you're excited but it's hard to say what you feel as it doesn't seem real. We feel very blessed and lucky to be in this position. It's taken years of hard work and saving and the last year of blood, sweat and tears (on Ciaran's part not mine 🤣) and lots of help from family and friends to get to this point and we are so grateful. Now please God we'll have years and years of good health to enjoy it 🙏 and now onto the small detail of a baby arriving in 3 weeks 🙈🙈🙈 #begrand #firstnight #movedin #ournewhome #ourforeverhome #kilsarnhouse #selfbuildjourney #selfbuildireland #selfbuild #irishselfbuild #irishhouses #irishhomes #irishbungalow #bungalow #kitchen #kitchenisland #kitchenstori #nuhomekitchens #newhome #newhouse

A post shared by Lorna Sheils (@kilsarnhouse) on

Instagram: instagram.com/KilsarnHouse

Lorna and her husband have only moved into their Irish self build this month so they have a big journey ahead of them, but if their beautiful kitchen is anything to go by, we're in for a treat as they complete the interiors.

13. @Our_Self_Build

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I've been getting g lots of questions lately asking where we got some ideas.... Our plans were drawn up and we were given so much more than we asked for! I started my @pinterest searches to try and visualise spaces I hadn't imagined of before especially our entrance hall! It's only now going through my Pinterest page that I realise how much inspiration I've gotten from it and how much of it has become a reality I'm kind of here pinching myself, never in my wildest dreams did I think we would ever build a house like this!! Swipe to see some inspo pictures v's our home😍🏡 #interiordesign #exteriordesign #dreamcometrue #decor #selfbuildireland #irishhomes #buildingahouse #selfbuild #countryhomes #newhome #pinterest

A post shared by Kildare Selfbuild (@our_self_build) on

Location: Kildare

Instagram: instagram.com/Our_Self_Build

With some really interesting design features and interiors choices, Our Self Build is definitely big on inspiration. With plans for a summer of work, now is definitely time to start following.


14. @Wexford_Selfbuild

Location: Wexford

Instagram: instagram.com/Wexford_Selfbuild

They only broke ground in April this year so if you're not following already, you can follow their journey from almost the beginning, and they're sharing snaps of all their progress.

15. @BuildingBryandrum

Location: Northern Ireland

Instagram: instagram.com/BuildingBryandrum

Foundations were laid in 2017 on Bryandrum, and over a year later, they have begun decorating and putting the finishing touches on many of their rooms.

16. @WestofIrelandSelfBuild

Location: West of Ireland

Instagram: instagram.com/WestofIrelandSelfBuild

While they have been living in their Irish self build for over a year, they admit it's still a work in progress, but their Instagram highlights contain a wealth of information about the whole process.

17. @HanoraHouse

Location: Waterford

Instagram: instagram.com/HanoraHouse

Grainne and David began building in March this year, and they are flying along. Check out their highlights for some serious interiors inspo - and follow along to see how they realise them when the house is up and ready for living in.

18. @OurSelfBuildAdventure

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Picking the sanitary ware was probably one of the most difficult tasks during our build. There are so many styles, brands, colours and prices(!) and it literally took us weeks and weeks to decide what to go for. It’s daunting as it can be hard to visualise how it’ll all ‘work’ together, and then there’s the tiles to consider.... . As with any part of the build process, we found that you can only shop around for so long before you need to make a decision and move on to the next task. We bought all our sanitary ware from @beggsandpartners as we found they were able to supply everything we wanted and they were pleasant to deal with. . It’ll be a very long time before we want to look at another bathroom brochure! 🤯 . #selfbuild #newbuild #housebuild #selfbuildni #designandbuild #selfbuildireland #selfbuildnorthernireland #ourselfbuildadventure #bathroom #bathroominspo #aqualla #laundrychute #bathroomrecess

A post shared by OurSelfBuildAdventure (@ourselfbuildadventure) on

Location: Northern Ireland

Instagram: instagram.com/OurSelfBuildAdventure

After building completed, they moved into their Irish self build in April this year, and now thoughts have turned to finishing the interiors.

19. @Teach_Na_Lana

Location: South East Ireland

Instagram: instagram.com/Teach_Na_Lana

After a slow start, Grainne is now mid-build and her highlights are full of info - particularly check out her saving highlight if you're looking at cobbling together the cash for your own self build.

20. @TheBrambledBoreen

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Good morning 👋🏻 How are we all doing ? A miserable day here today and it’s been an early start with Honor off on her 6th class school tour. When you live in co. Mayo you get used to spending a lot of time on the road - a day trip to Dublin is no bother to these West of Ireland children 🚌🚦🛣. In my other life of ongoing house-build here’s a picture of my beautiful back door, ( in pebble grey RAL 7032 ) things are really beginning to pick up in pace, and a feeling of just being “really busy - all the time” seems to be ever present, I think this is probably the way it’s going to be until we finish, it’s starting to get to the fun bit now - could just do with a little windfall to finish the job 🙏🏻💰💶💶 .. .. .. .. #moneyonmymind #selfbuildireland #irishselfbuild #newhome #buildingourhouse #ourcountryhome #coastalliving #ruralliving #familylife #newbuild #irishinteriors #bungalow #ourdreamhome #buildingthedream #openplanliving #roomwithaview #myinstahome #buildingblog #designblog #myhome #familyhome #ireland #pebblegrey #irishinteriors #irishblog #leavinglondon #interiordesigner #houseandhome #realinstahome #ourhome

A post shared by Laura 🌿 The brambled boreen 🌿 (@thebrambledboreen) on

Location: Mayo

Instagram: instagram.com/TheBrambledBoreen

Laura's Irish self build is a family affair, and really showcases the reality of building your own home with kids in tow - homework on the site? So be it!

21. @TheHouseInTheHollow


Location: Antrim

Instagram: instagram.com/TheHouseInTheHollow

With an architect owner, Gareth is well worth a follow for the innovative ideas he posts, as well as following his self build journey.


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