Interior Designer Focus: Jackie Tyrrell Design specialises in practical and original solutions

By Aoife Valentine Secor 16-12-2019

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Jackie Tyrrell Design is an award-winning interior designer and has a passion for good design and personal service. Her clients love her original and practical interior design solutions. She will consult at any stage of a building, renovation or decoration in both commercial and residential projects.

Her advice on intelligent space planning including electrical and plumbing overlay ensures efficient functioning. She specialises in bespoke curtains, romans blinds and headboards, and her guidance on colour schemes, wallpaper, lighting and furnishing creates the complete look in your home. Jackie has an extensive collection of lighting, wallpapers and furniture in her design studio.

Jackie lectured for eight years at the Dublin Institute of Design and has over 25 years’ experience in the industry which embraces interior and graphic design, product branding, and project management.

She loves keeping an eye on the ever-shifting trends within the interiors industry but creating that "something different" for her clients, which suits their unique personalities, is much more important. She sources products worldwide and has an exciting, curated collection in her design studio and online shop.

How would you describe your approach to interior design?

“Everything starts and ends with the client’s needs. Establishing a strong client brief, why you are being hired and what expectations are, is always a good place to begin. The next factor is the budget. This is a very important part of the process as having very clear boundaries of how the budget will be allocated is key to the success of the project and the designer/client relationship.

The next step is to work very closely with the client to untangle what their individual style is. I find using images instead of language creates more clarity at this stage in the process, as words can sometimes lead to confusion especially when dealing with colour.

Once I have a strong understanding of my client’s needs and personal style, I will return with sample boards of each space we are working on, these boards will include colour, furniture, lighting and concepts that will echo the client’s style and taste, including a full costing to supply, custom make and design or whatever the scenario requires.

When we have ticked all the boxes the next part is execution.”

What's your top tip for people searching for the perfect designer for their home?

"I think my top tip would be to find someone you can get along with, that you fundamentally like and could have working closely with you on your project.

The internet is a wonderful tool and you can find everything you need, pop in interior designer to your browser and thousands will pop up but how do you know if they can do everything, they say they can do? Well, stick to the basics.

Have they the appropriate qualifications? Ask for referrals, make sure they are insured and check out their social media profiles or affiliations. Once you have established a short list make a quick phone call and arrange a meeting to see if you’d get along and like each other. You need good communication when collaborating on a project, especially as personal as a home, so make sure you are as informed when making the decision as you can be."

What's the biggest mistake you see people making in their homes?

"The biggest error I feel people make when redesigning or changing space is not making an overall plan. This can be a costly error in both time and money.

As designers this is the first part of taking on a project, we plan! We plan the space, we survey and draw up the area to make sure all the elements fit, and this ensures when the couch arrives it will fit exactly in the space we planned for it or alternatively we won’t run out of wallpaper mid project.

You plan every aspect of the project including budget allocation before you even begin, this will save you money and control overspending.

Another part of the interior space that can be overlooked is lighting. Lighting is an important factor within any functioning area. All aspects of lighting should be considered in each space.

From task lighting to ambient lighting you should be asking yourself what actions do I hope to perform in this room and what lighting have I provided to help complete the task, from reading a book to relaxing, each action requires a different type of light.

Spaces are becoming even more multi-functional than ever before and the single pendant in the centre of the room just won’t cut it any more."


Jackie Tyrrell Design

Newbridge, Co Kildare,

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