Keep kids entertained with colour-in wallpaper

By Danielle Mahoney 22-06-2012
Keep kids entertained with colour-in wallpaper

That time of year is fast approaching; summer holidays. We're sure you're all looking forward to a few lie-ins not to mention ditching the school run but now you're left with entertaining your kids for two solid months. That’s why we think this colour-in wallpaper will be great for younger kiddies in the house. This wallpaper would be best suited in a child’s bedroom or a playroom if you have one. Simply hang the wallpaper on a wall or even the whole room, supply markers, paints and crayons and you'll have a few hours peace. Just make sure they understand this is the only wallpaper they're allowed colour in. The Tick Tock wallpaper is €49 from Garrendenny Lane Interiors and available on Pickit

P.S If you have some budding artists in your house make sure they enter our House and Gnome competition.

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