Smart storage solutions: 3 Irish suppliers who can meet your storage needs

By Aoife Valentine Secor 15-07-2019

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Marie Kondo-ing your home is all well and good, but at the end of the day, you might be left with plenty of stuff that still needs a home in your house. Most people living in their minimalist dream home haven't actually rid themselves of all their stuff - they've just installed some smart storage solutions to help them keep their home looking clean and sharp. Out of sight, out of mind!

To help you on your way to managing your clutter in a clever way, we've rounded up three Irish suppliers who can give you the smart storage solutions to change your home for the better.


Optimise Design

Denise O'Connor, architect and designer behind Optimise Home, is a big advocate of smart storage solutions. As part of Optimise Home's Home Plus services, she offers interior design packages to suit a range of budgets, which include some clever guidance on storage. Depending on the package you choose, the Optimise Home team can advise on the style, design bespoke storage solutions and suggest trades people and suppliers for everything they recommend.

Denise believes proper storage makes the most significant different to a home. "If you have adequate storage, you will find you don’t need that much space. It really is the key to a well-functioning home. Well-designed storage will mean that even a very modest space can be perfectly optimised," she says. She believes you should build your storage around what you need to store, in order to be smart about it - designated storage, she says, is far more efficient than general store cupboards.

Her favourite storage solutions are the ones that make it as easy to find something as it is to put away. "We’ve installed units with drawers with built-in chargers for storing mobile devices and phones. A great way of storing tech and reducing your screen time too," she says.

Optimise Home

Email: [email protected] | Phone: (01) 661 9020

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Bneat Stairs

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The traditional press under the stairs doesn't really provide a huge amount of storage, but that doesn't mean that the space under your stairs isn't prime storage space. Bneat Stairs offer super clever storage systems that are made bespoke to fit your particular stairs, but also your lifestyle. Their main aim is to utilise all the space that's available, and make it useful for adults and kids alike.

They say the biggest storage mistake people make is not considering their future requirements down the line when picking their design for now - for example, maybe a few years down the line you may need to be able to store a pram, but if you've built your under-stair storage with only shelving, you won't have space. The Bneat team will discuss your options with you, in order to choose the storage solution that will match best with your life and your needs. Whether you want to store your ironing board and pram, or you need extended kitchen storage and a wine rack, the team can find a solution that works for you.

smart storage solutions

How it works is you submit an enquiry with measurements and special requirements, and you'll receive a quotation from Bneat, before a site visit to agree and finalise the design and agree a fitting date. All units are manufactured and prepared off-site, and fitting takes one to two days depending on the final design. Bneat Stairs offer a variety of spray-painted finishes, from the standard white finish to wood veneers in Oak, Pine, Mahogany to match with existing décor, or even a colour to make a statement.

Bneat Stairs

Email: [email protected] | Phone: 087 811 5914

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The Organised Store

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If bespoke storage isn't on the cards for you, The Organised Store, located in Dundrum Town Centre, has over 4,000 quality storage products to address your needs, and assist you in getting organised and creating space in every room of your home. Whether it's a busy kitchen or pantry, a cluttered laundry or utility room, a wardrobe space issue, a messy office or playroom, they have products big and small to help you get your room in order.

Their policy is that less is more, and that every item you own should have a space in your home. Invest in pieces to help you compartmentalise your stuff, and give everything its own space - once you do, you'll realise how much space you've created, and how much stress you're reducing for yourself.

smart storage solutions

They believe it's really hard to know your storage needs when first moving into a house, an apartment or new home so it is easy to make mistakes. The areas they see this in in particular is not having enough space for laundry, or in your wardrobe, for both clothes and shoes. They advise looking at the space you have, and how you really maximise that space, whether it's the vertical wall space, using specialised shelving, an airing solution, or installing new specialised gliding drawers or shoe racks. Their ELFA systems are particularly clever as a flexible wardrobe solution for making your space more efficient, and you can take advantage of their free online design service to design something that fits your needs.

The Organised Store

Email: [email protected] | Phone: (01) 216 9888

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