How to transform your home by changing just four things

By Aoife Valentine 10-04-2018

There's pretty much always room for improvement where your home is concerned, but unfortunately your budget won't always match up to the ways you want to transform your home. However, a few smaller, inexpensive changes can totally change how your home looks - small updates with big results.

We're talking sub-€200 changes - they can be investments if you choose, but nothing on the scale of the costs of revamping a whole room. Though obviously the more you invest, the more wiggle room you have to transform your home, all of these can be done on a super tight budget if you're willing to shop around.

Forget spring cleaning - get these four things right and random clutter won't bother you quite so much.

1. Light it up

Thoughtful lighting is something we've discussed before, but you really can't underestimate the power of well chosen lighting, that incorporates both artificial and natural sources. There's no one size fits all solution when it comes to lighting as it's totally about your lifestyle. For example, you won't want super-bright, overhead lighting at a dinner party but you might need it if your kids use the dining table for homework, so a dimmer on those lights may be the perfect solution. Not all options emit the same type of light, so it's important not only to consider the placement of your lighting but also the kinds of bulbs you're using, as it can have a big impact on the feel and mood possible in a room.


2. Get that greenery

Plants are your new best friends. The colour and texture fresh foliage adds will benefit any space, but they can also soften harsh lines - which is why you'll often find them placed in corners. They can also bring a new focal point to a room, which can transform your home. If your thumbs are a little more brown than green, choose plants that don't require quite so much care, such as spider plants, peace lilies, English ivy, or rubber fig trees. If all else fails, retailers are now selling more and more convincing faux plants, which might make life easier.


3. It's all about pretty storage solutions

We all have clutter, and no matter how much decluttering we do, it just seems to creep back in. And some of it is stuff we want around, even if it is clutter. The key is leaning into clutter you want to keep around, but investing in clever and cute storage solutions that can disguise any mess. For example, in your bathroom, take your various tubes and jars you might have and keep them in a pretty tray to tidy them all into one place, and make it look intentional, rather than messy. In the kitchen, consider your lifestyle and the appliances you use and leave only the essentials on the counter, and put the rest away for occasional use. It's about making your 'stuff' work for you, and storing the rest in clever ways.


4. Add a pop of colour

Changing out small accessories and textiles for more colourful counterparts will bring some life into your space. If you live in a home with very minimal or monochrome decor, carefully chosen colour (even in softer hues) can have a big impact in terms of livening up your space. Changing up textiles like cushions, throws or curtains for fabrics and colours that match the season, can also play a huge role in how your room feels - for example, you might have velvet cushions for winter and thick knit throws, but swap them out for linen versions in fresh colours or prints for spring/summer.


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