Are you an Ice cream addict?

By Amber Clery
Are you an Ice cream addict?

Ever thought you were an ice cream addict? Well, according to a recent study at the Oregon Research Institute, the cravings we have after eating ice cream are similar to those associated with drug use! We have a few addicts here in the office at House and Home and these are a few of our favourite ice cream goodies... 

  1. Set of four coloured glass sundae glasses, £10/around €12,
  2. Set of four ribbed bowls, £20/ about €24 from
  3. Mariskooli ice cream bowl, £19/ about €23,
  4. Ice cream bubbles £1.95/ around €2.40,
  5. Set of six ice cream tubs with wooden spoon, £2.95/ €3.50,
  6. Set of four spot print melamine bowls £3.50/ around €4.20,

Are you an ice cream addict? We would love to hear from you, let us know in the comment box below :)

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