First look: Hands on with the Dyson DC38 and DC39 cylinder vacuum cleaners

By Jimmy Loughran 19-01-2012
First look: Hands on with the Dyson DC38 and DC39 cylinder vacuum cleaners

Dyson announced two new models today - their first cylinder vacuum cleaners with ball technology; the compact DC38 and the larger sized DC39. The DC39 model comes in both an “Animal” and a “Multi floor” version. The former has an extra tool for animal hair and comes in a shade of deep purple while the latter comes in the signature yellowy hue.

A Dyson rep visited House and Home HQ earlier today with a DC39 Animal model for us to play around with. While giving his demo he explained that a team of a whopping 70 engineers had crafted these vacuum cleaners, including the ball which contains over 100 components. He also explained how the pivot of the ball was inspired by Formula 1 race cars, and proudly pointed out that the airflow inside the inner cyclones (which is generated in excess of 100,000 G) is faster than an F1 race car. Wow, that'd nearly make it worthy of a slot on Top Gear.

Aside from its slick design and cool tech stats, this product is particularly relevant to the Irish market - over 80% of vacuum cleaners in Ireland are cylinder machines (pull rather than push). Cylinder machines are notoriously awkward to manoeuvre and Dyson has remedied this by using their patented pivoting ball technology. This is definitely its USP.

While we didn't get to take the DC39 home to do the hoovering, we were suitably impressed with features such as the triggerhead tool which allows you to switch the brush on and off using a button on the handle. We’ll be putting this vacuum cleaner through its paces when our test unit arrives, so expect a full review in the coming weeks. 

The vacuum cleaners go on sale for €379.99 for the DC38, €399.99 for the DC39 and €449.99 for the DC39 Animal. You can find out more by visiting Dyson’s website.

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