How to Make a Christmas Bauble Wreath

By Karen 01-11-2010

We were about to get all makey-do for Christmas when we found this fab project on the cool US blog Check it out for more ideas.

Finished Product:

What you need:

  • A wire hanger
  • Approximately 80 round Christmas Tree Baubels
  • Hot Glue Gun

Difficulty Rating:

Not that difficult!

How to do it:

Bend the hanger into a circle. Using a little hot glue secure the metal cap to the bauble. (Strictly speaking you don’t have to do this unless the caps are lose but it will give a more secure result).

Next untwist the end of the hanger and feed the baubels on to the wire one at a time. Alternate colours and use smaller sizes to fill in the gaps.

You can use a little glue to keep the baubels in position but it works just as well without and will allow you to reuse the baubles on your tree another year.

Cover the hook of the wire hanger with wide ribbon and it’s ready to go. Best to hang this indoors or in a porch as it won’t be weather proof.

If you try this project make sure to send us a snap of the finished wreath so we can post the results for other readers.

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