The new autumn Sostrene Grene collection looks way more expensive than it is

By Aoife Valentine Secor 28-08-2017

Sostrene Grene is making a big name for themselves as a home of great, affordable homewares, and a lovely shop for a stroll around. Releasing their usual second collection of year, it's again another showcase of what their Scandinavian designers see what autumn has to offer.

The autumn Sostrene Grene interior collection will combine cold and warm materials against a balanced colour scale. The idea is that the collection plays with the complimentary relationship between green nuances and red tones.

From elegant terrazzo tables, impeccable chairs, and stringent shelves, to geometrical plant stands, a selection of wooden kitchen utensils, retro tableware, and soft textiles, the autumn Sostrene Grene interior collection has something for every room in the house.

They have six stores around the country now, and the new collection will be available from September 7th, with the exception of the chairs which will be available from September 21st. Below, enjoy some more sneak peeks from the collection!

Mugs, bowls and plates - €2.80-3.90

Chair - €39.98 | Cushion - €9.58

Console table - €36 | Table lamp - €25.98 | Jewellery boxes - €3.44-4.88 | Storage box - €1.24-4.18

Vases €5.18-8.28 | Storage box - €1.13-6.54

Stainless steel cutlery - €2.79 per item

Cutting boards/serving dishes - €4.84-1048

Chair - €39.98 | Blanket - €23.30

Plant stands - €6.89-11.84

Shelves - €9.74-16.58

Side table - €55.88

Jewellery boxes - €3.44-4.88

Chairs - €39.98 each


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