Santa's Kitchen Helper

By pickit 18-12-2012
Santa's Kitchen Helper

They say good things come in small packages - and this adorable handmade toy kitchen is no exception. Not content with buying a mass-produced plastic contraption from off the shelf, Donna Dunne asked her carpenter brother-in-law, Barry Dunne, to make her a simple frame. She added a coat of paint, doorknobs, and made the hob using CDs and a black marker. To add the finishing touches, she sourced matching accessories in her local Smyth's toy shop, such as the red toy dishwasher and oven (€13.99 each) and washing machine (€18). The many nights spent grappling with a paint brush and screwdriver have finally paid off. Her two daughters, Ali and Milly, will have a wonderful surprise on Christmas morning - this fabulous red and white kitchen that doubles as an awesome shop. Way to go Donna - now when are you taking orders for next year?

Have any of you readers attempted anything as amazing as this to leave for your little ones under the tree? Tell us all about your DIY endeavours in the comments section below!


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