Sex and the City interiors: Mr Big versus Aleksandr Petrovsky

By Amber Clery 17-05-2012
Sex and the City interiors: Mr Big versus Aleksandr Petrovsky

The iconic Sex and the City series not only inspired our fashion sense but it also had a big influence on how we dressed our interiors. We've already compared the girls apartments, now it's the boys turn. We're going to compare Mr Big's apartment to Carrie's former 'lover' Aleksandr Petrovsky's digs.

First up we have Mr Big's slick contemporary apartment. His corner apartment has huge wrap-around windows with simple white drapes and has been stylishly furnished with contemporary, streamlined pieces and lots of black and white framed photographs. I love how the pictures are just casually leaning against the walls and windows instead of hanging on the walls.

Big's stylish kitchen features expensive wenge cabinetry and stainless steel appliances. Check out that cool oversized light shade in the background.

The colour palette in Big's apartment is monochromatic with some chocolate brown touches. This matches his sophisticated and stylish personal style perfectly don't you think?

Next we have the luxurious home of renowned artist Aleksandr Petrovsky.

The magnificent double height loft space features a huge grand piano, hardwood floors, huge stone fireplace and Charles Eames chairs. The open-riser staircase leads to a mezzanine bedroom which overlooks the living space. 

Petrovsky's wall of windows in his living area drenches the space with natural light.

The super stylish kitchen features black cabinetry and beautiful Cherner dining chairs. Not totally unlike Big's kitchen huh?

The bedroom is a lot more colourful than the rest of the apartment and looks seriously luxurious and plush.

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