Exclusive sneak peek: Industrial style, salvage and upcycling in Vanessa Mac Innes' home


The young designer and businesswoman, Vanessa Mac Innes, is nothing if not industrious. The vintage utilitarian furniture that fills her revamped Dublin house is a fitting nod to the hard work it took to get here: gutting, extending, refurbishing and finally, furnishing it in pitch-perfect industrial chic style.

One favourite piece of Vanessa's is the Siemens box behind her Danish 1960s-style couch.

The box came out of a factory and I love it. I'm particularly impressed that it has lasted this long as it's made out of very, very thin ply.

There is absolutely no meaning behind the letters and numbers. I just really like unusual and quirky fonts.

My mother was always renovating houses while we were growing up. It must have made some kind of impression, as my sister and I are both designers.

Industry opened 18 months ago and is a direct reflection of Vanessa's style. Its launch was arguably a brave step to take in recessionary times.

I’m very careful about the money I spend on the business and I virtually don’t pay myself anything, Vanessa says.

Following her own advice, Vanessa knows that softening the industrial look is important in the Irish climate to avoid an unwelcoming and cold atmosphere. Cushions and soft furnishings complement and tone down the industrial bedside lamps.


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