Frequently asked questions

How many issues will I receive in my annual subscription?
  • House and Home is published bi-monthly so your annual subscription covers six issues.
When will I receive my first issue?
  • As we have to process all the subscriptions for our mailing house the cut off to guarantee receipt of the next issue is the last day of the month before it is posted (see postal dates below). So for example if we receive your subscription details and payment by the last day of January, your sub will start with the March/April issue. Subs received in Feb will start with the May/June issue etc. The magazine is published on the following schedule.
  • Issue Date - Issue Posted - Cut off for subscriptions
  • Jan/Feb - 3rd Week Dec - Last day of November
  • Mar/Apr - 3rd Week Feb - Last day of Jan
  • May/Jun - 3rd Week Apr - Last day of Mar
  • May/Aug - 3rd Week Jun - Last day of May
  • Sep/Oct - 3rd Week Aug - Last day of Jul
  • Nov/Dec - 3rd Week Oct - Last day of Sep
What if I move address?
  • To protect our subscribers we need to have your request in writing. If you move house you can update your contact details by emailing this address. Please include your current name, address and mobile number in case we need to contact you. We will confirm receipt of your request and update your details. Otherwise you can send a letter to us requesting we update your details to House and Home Magazine, 2nd Floor The Mill , Greenmount Avenue, Harold's Cross, Dublin 12.
What if I want to renew my subscription?
  • We will send you out an email reminder two months before your subscription is due for renewal. You can renew on our website, or by calling us on 01 707 6034 and leaving a message with your details.
Can I buy a gift subscription for a friend?
  • Yes, you can purchase as many gift subscriptions as you like. We will send a card to your friend with your requested message on your behalf. You’ll be notified when the subscription comes up for renewal incase you want to renew it.
How can I redeem my Tesco voucher?
  • If you have a Tesco voucher for a subscription to House and Home send the Voucher with the fully completed form to House and Home Magazine, Third Floor Newmarket House, Newmarket Square, Dublin 12. Please make sure to include your email address on the form so that we can confirm we have received your voucher and when you will et your first issue.

    If you have any other queries Contact our Subscriptions Dept on 01 707 6034.