4 Vintage Picks from Pickit

4 Vintage Picks from Pickit

If you like the eclectic look, you'll adore these items we've got on Pickit right now. We love things that belonged to others over the years and  have an interesting history.The warm patina of often-used items can give your home a lovely lived-in feel. If you prefer to buy new, there has been a surge of vintage-style items to hit the home interiors market lately. We've selected our  favourites, from a vintage factory shoe last that's great for an industrial vibe, to a painted farmhouse bench for a cosy country feel.

  1. Grain Sack Storage Bag, €23, Qwerky
  2. Grey Wooden Bench, €84.95, Moss Cottage
  3. Wooden Shoe Last, €25 Qwerky
  4. Vintage Style Ribbon, €3, Eden Home and Garden 

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