5 Floral Fancies on Pickit

By pickit 19-11-2012
5 Floral Fancies on Pickit

No room for a garden? No need to fret - bring nature inside with these beautiful floral accessories plucked from Pickit. Inspired by the abundance of colour and pattern evident in the natural world, enjoy being surrounded by pretty petals without the hassle of watering, pruning and lugging heavy bags of fertiliser!

  1. Floral Design Chalkboard, €19.99, Livingsimple.ie
  2. Monbretia Tablemats, €39.99, Bog Cotton Gifts
  3. Vintage Floral Enamel Bowl, €38, Qwerky
  4. Orange Flower Rug, €1,560, Lomi Design
  5. Luxurious Floral Embroidered Cushion, €45, Conbu Design


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