5 Pretty Patchwork Prints on Pickit

5 Pretty Patchwork Prints on Pickit

The practice of sewing small pieces of fabric together has been around for thousands of years. From the Middle Ages to the Great Depression in America, worn clothes were pieced together to make anything from quilts to cushion covers, as a way to recycle scarce materials. Not surprisingly, there has been a recent revival in crafts such as this. If you like the look, but don’t have time to make and do, we’ve sourced the prettiest patchwork home accessories, all available to buy on Pickit:

  1. Fabric Noticeboard, €24.95, The Design Basket
  2. Bunting Cushion, €15, The Home Barn
  3. Picnic Toyset, €24.99, Reve Interiors
  4. Patchwork Wing Bench, €170, Aoki Interiors
  5. Set of 5 Storage Boxes, €32.99, Reve Interiors


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