Fall in Love with Autumn Hues on Pickit

Fall in Love with Autumn Hues on Pickit

The days are getting shorter, there’s a slight nip in the air, sadly summer has well and truly sailed. But don’t despair, Autumn means toasting marshmallows on ragged bonfires, kicking up great piles of crisp coloured leaves, and filling your pockets with shiny conkers on longs walks in the woods. If that isn’t enough to stir up memories that cheer your heart, Pickit is filled with goodies in vibrant colours of the season to brighten up your home. Mossy green, deep plum, and inky blue feature heavily in the new Autumn colour palette:

  1. Lime Green Dishwashing Brush, €10.50
  2. Blue Butterfly Clock, €35
  3. Purple Glass Chandelier, €130
  4. Shaggy Plum Cushion, €13.50
  5. Ireland Map Print by Bold and Noble, €50
  6. Floral Wall Hook, €28.80

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