How to make a vintage cake stand

By Karen 01-10-2010

Upcycle old plates, cups and glasses into gorgeous ‘vintage’ cakestands in this super-simple project from the House and Home team.

Finished piece:

What you need:

  • Old plates, glasses and cups. These can be picked up for a few cents at car boot sales and markets.
  • Hot Glue Gun

Difficulty Rating:

Easy Peasey

How to do it:

Use old drinking glasses or even inverted teacups to make the base for your cake stand. We have used a small champagne glass with a vintage plate in this project.

Try different combinations of old plates on various bases to get the best result. You can use egg cups and smaller narrower glasses to create a second and third tier although we opted for just a single tier.

When you’re happy with the arrangement put a layer of hot glue onto the glass or teacup and fix to the plate. Allow to dry. Make sure to wash your stand by hand as a dishwasher may loosen the glue.

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