What's cooking in 2017? 15 of the hottest kitchen trends for the year ahead

By Aoife Valentine 27-03-2017

hottest kitchen trends for 2017

The kitchen is often the heart of the home, and a space where we cook and enjoy food and socialising with friends and family. It can often end up being the room you spend most of your time in, so making it a space you enjoy being in is hugely important. With that in mind, we're taking a look at what's next in the world of kitchens. We've picked out 15 of the hottest kitchen trends for the year ahead, and we're only dying to revamp our own kitchens after doing it. Be warned!

hottest kitchen trends for 2017

1. Tuxedo cabinets

Instead of going for the one colour cabintetry, which can be quite boring, opt for a mixture of light on top and dark on the bottom, giving you a tuxedo effect.


2. Well-lit cabinetry

It's really important how you utilise light in the kitchen - lighting over your worktop is a given really, but add in some under your presses and cabinets in order to add ambience and more focused task lighting.


hottest kitchen trends for 2017

3. Hardware updates

We've mentioned how stainless steel appliances feel cold, and this goes for hardware too - try using different colours such as gold, copper or pewter for a change.


4. Hidden appliances

Stainless steel appliances can give off a cold industrial feel in any kitchen, so try blending your appliances in with the design of the kitchen.


hottest kitchen trends for 2017

5. Wood paneling

Also called shiplap, it gives a clean and modern finish to your space. We'd recommend updating it with white instead of bare wood, in order to give it a more modern finish.


6. Neutral grey kitchen

We're seeing more and more grey kitchens and although it can often be quite a cool colour, it's easily accessorised. We're not talking charcoal grey here, more of a softer, heather grey. Mix it with warm woods and you'll be in biz!


7. Smart kitchen

Technology seems to be the way forward for 2017, as we're embracing the idea of a smart kitchen. Make coffee, preheat your oven and keep track of what's in your fridge, all with an app on your phone or tablet - nifty!


8. Patterned tiles

Fun and funky tiles are 100% in and we're loving it! Patterned tiles are a great way to inject some serious personality into any boring kitchen.


9. Monochrome

This is more of a classic trend, but it's changing and evolving along the way. It's all about higher contrast in order to modernise this look. Go for sleek black countertops paired with white cabinetry.


10. Touch-activated faucet

This is perfect for when you have dirty hands after preparing dinner, and for those who forget to turn on and off the water between tasks.


11. Mixed materials

Who says you have to choose one material to style your kitchen around? Combining different materials in a kitchen is on trend in a big way for the new year - we're talking gold, marble, copper, bare wood, concrete, brass and stone. Steer clear of stainless steel and be more adventurous.


12. Small space storage

A small kitchen can sometimes feel like a cluttered mess, with nowhere to put anything, due to inadequate shelving and lack of hooks or rails. Cue the Swedes with their innovative ideas on small storage - we're talking deep drawers, which are great for putting all bulkier items into, and plenty of open storage creating the illusion of a bigger space.


13.Open plan kitchen

Open plan living is the way forward - we love when rooms are connected as it gives you the appearance of more space, plus it's handy for when you're cooking in the kitchen and watching the kids in the sitting room at the same time.


14. Pops of colour

A great way to inject a little colour into your kitchen is through cabinets or even the sink. We're all over this trend as it allows you to show some originality and make it more unique. Why not make it more of a focal point and use the same hue in your backsplash to tie it all together.

15. Waterfall edge countertops

Rather than have your cupboards and countertops has two separate things, marge them so they're one. The waterfall edge countertop creates a seamless line by having the counter material run vertically down the edge of the cupboard or island to the floor. Here's to sleek and clean lines in 2017!

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