3 'bedroom plants' that will help you sleep better at night

By Aoife Valentine Secor 23-10-2017

Greenery being Pantone's colour of the year for 2017 has sparked more than just a passing interest in the colour over the last 12 months. As gorgeous as the colour is, it's actual greenery we've all gone mad for, and by your bed is the perfect spot to introduce a couple of bedroom plant pals. Whether hanging or potted, plants in your bedroom can transform the quality of your sleep.

Adding a little life to your bedroom can help purify the air in the room, which is not only great for preventing colds and allergies, but also can help relax you, according to a study by NASA.


As we head into the cold-weather months, now might be a great time to try your hand at some indoor gardening with added health benefits. These three bedroom plants are solid bets if a sound night's sleep is what you're hoping for!


1. Aloe Vera

You may only be using aloe vera gel to cure your sunburn in the summer months, but the actual plant has benefits too. NASA named it as one of the best plants for air purification in its study because it releases oxygen throughout the night. The added bonus, for those less green fingered than others, is that these plants are also super easy to look after, and they're pretty cute to boot.


2. Peace Lily

Image: DIY n Crafts

The peace lily has a whole host of benefits, besides the fact it's quite a pretty plant. It both purifies the air by removing toxins, and increases the humidity in the air, which can help reduce allergies and ease dry throats or sinus problems, helping you drift off with ease.


3. Areca Palm

One of the most common plants seen around homes on Pinterest and Instagram, the Areca Palm is probably already on your plant wishlist. Easily justify the purchase by taking into account their air purification benefits, which are even better if you suffer from regular colds or sinus trouble, because they also release moisture into the air, allowing you to breathe easy.

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