3 smart storage solutions for small bedrooms

By Aoife Valentine Secor 01-08-2017

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The most common advice people with small bedrooms receive is to add some storage under the bed - but that only offers so much space. What do you do once you've exhausted it?

With small rooms, making the most of nooks and crannies you might not even notice or think to use is key. While it's important to let a room breathe, rather than filling it entirely with shelves, there are a few unused spaces worth taking advantage of to gain yourself a little more storage space.

Here are three of our favourite smart storage solutions for small bedrooms.

1. Bookcases around your bed

A bookcase behind your bed, or at the end of your bed, can offer a whole lot of extra storage without taking up all that much space. An extra few inches at the head or foot of your bed won't cause you too many headaches and may be the solution where you need some extra storage but can't free up wall space for a bookcase to lean against.

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Storage built into your headboard can be a handy replacement for a bedside table if you don't have room, or if you feel like your storage solution needs to be a little more elaborate, place a full bookcase behind your bed. The lower shelves will be more difficult to get to, of course, but that makes them perfect for seasonal storage, if you're looking for somewhere to hide winter clothes and sheets.


2. Hang a rail above your dresser

Open storage is only growing in popularity, and while you might not have floor space for a standalone clothes rail (which are often used as an alternative to a full wardrobe in small spaces), that's the beauty of it being a rail - it doesn't need to stand on the ground. Hang one from your ceiling to create some hanging wardrobe space where there was none before. Hanging it above your dresser is even better, as clutter is the enemy of small spaces, so you're only doing yourself a favour taking the option to put random trinkets atop your dresser away.


3. Make use of that under locker storage

While a locker with presses and drawers does offer extra storage, people often steer away from them, as more minimalist bedside tables offer the illusion of more space. However, then you're left with empty space beneath the table and no drawers to store your bedside bits and pieces in. Solution? Recepture the space beneath your bedside table if you can, using cute storage boxes or baskets. It will still look less clunky and more modern than a solid locker, and if you pick a gorgeous storage basket, you'll get style points for your room too.

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