3 tricky rooms and how to paint them – we ask the experts

By Anna Shelswell-White 29-06-2017

We all know that choosing paint can be a strenuous task. Add a tricky room that faces north, has a low ceiling or is just a tiny space and the decision making process might take a whole lot longer. Here, we get foolproof tips from two experts in colour – Patricia Wakely, colour consultant at Fleetwood Paints and interior designer, Regina Rogers Fallon.

A north facing room?

"Forward planning and zoning can help with this challenge. It's often said that lighter colours will brighten an area, which is true but I feel that it is more important to use an energetic and vibrant colour. Shades of yellow and ochre can warm and invigorate the room," says Patricia.

A low ceiling?

Avoid creating a cave-like, claustrophobic space by tricking the eye. "Paint a vertical stripe and choose a warm neutral and a distinctive colour that will coordinate with existing furnishings. Don't create too much activity within the space – while a larger space will allow you to cover all walls in stripes, a small room will require a balance. Paint opposing walls with stripes and use the neutral on the remaining walls. Counterbalance with low lying furniture and up-lighting from floor lamps. Don't use a pendant as this will draw the ceiling further into the space," says Regina.


The tiny room?

It's a common myth that these rooms should never be painted in darker shades. "There's no magic colour that will add significant size to the room, but clever layout and choices, other than very pale colours, can still add personality and drama," says Patricia. "Define the ceiling with a hue that will divert the eye from the enclosed space," adds Regina.

And one of House and Home's number one rules when it comes to paint? Be brave but not spontaneous - paint colour is the one area where preparation is vital – particularly when you're faced with an unconventional space.

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