6 things you NEED to have in your home DIY toolkit, according to Joanne Condon

By Aoife Valentine Secor 28-11-2019

Author of upcycling book Furniture Crush, one quarter of the Round Our Gaff crew, and upcycling queen, Joanne Condon was the very worthy winner of not only the Best DIY or Upcycling Account gong, sponsored by Fleetwood Paints, at our recent Interior Influence Awards in association with DFS.

Not only that, but her endless creativity and incredible talent for upcycling, colour and interiors projects also landed Joanne the House and Home Grand Prix Award on the night.

Given the range of DIYs she manages to do on a monthly basis, we asked her to tell us her must-haves in a home DIY toolkit, for anyone who wants to get started on their own DIY and upcycling journey.


The 6 key buys for your home DIY toolkit

"These are my go to items in my home DIY toolkit," says Joanne. "I have tested them against other equivalents over the years and these are my all time favourite things that I go back to again and again."


1. A decent primer

"A really good primer is the key to a durable finish. Skipping this step will only lead to problems down the line. A light scuff of whatever you're painting with sandpaper, teamed with a good primer is the best foundation for any painting project you can get," she says.

"There are two primers I love and don’t ever stray too far away from: Otex from Tikkurila and Prime 2 from Colourtrend."

2. A solid paint brush

"Honestly, your life will be so much easier if you've picked the right paint brush for a paint project, from the start. I always turn to the Palm Pro painting brush from Zibra," says Joanne.

"This paint brush sits so nicely into the palm of your hand. It’s got a short handle so it’s great to get into awkward areas and it gives you great control. I can run easily along skirting and shelving with it, which can often be the most awkward part."


3. A mitre box

When I showed this on my stories recently, most people hadn't a clue what it was, but it's super handy. It's a really good guide box for when you are cutting  angles and straight lines for a project," she says.

"It will only set you back about €20 but it is something I use regularly when working on timber projects."


4. The right rollers

"The Two Fussy Blokes Rollers are hands down the best rollers I have ever used, so I rarely use any others these days. They are easy to use and give a real professional finish, but most importantly, they have halved my painting time, which is what you want!" she says.


5. A brush comb

"This may be seen as a traditional tool from the past, but now we're all thinking a little more sustainably, I reckon this is sure to make a huge comeback," says Joanne.

"This comb is used to help clean out your brushes correctly so that they last longer, which is good if you've invested into a decent set you want to keep well. The best brand I've found for a brush comb is Axus Décor, and once you buy a good quality brush comb it should last you years."


6. Painter's tape

"There are many brands of painter's tape on the market, but FrogTape is definitely my favourite. It helps with so many projects, to give you sharp clean lines so you don’t end up  trying to get the paint back in a straight line like you would if you used regular masking tape. Just follow the instructions on the packet correctly and you will be set," she says.


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