#InteriorInfluence19: 23 Irish DIY or upcycling interiors accounts worth noting

By Keeva Tyrrell 18-10-2019

It's time! We're announcing our full shortlists for the Interior Influence 2019 Awards, celebrating Ireland's online creative community in House and Home style. We wanted to shine a light on all of our incredible nominees - and believe us, there is A LOT of talent out there - by introducing you to the shortlisted accounts in every category. B

Upcycling pre-loved items or taking part in a DIY project can be a great way your to give your furniture or space a new lease of life. This is the shortlist for the Best DIY or Upcycling account, sponsored by Fleetwood Paints.

In alphabetical order, these are the 19 Irish Instagrammers who are getting creative with their DIY or upcycling projects.

Name: Catherine - @an_irish_homelife

Following: 4,552

About: Upcycling well-loved furniture and giving them a new lease of life is a skill that Catherine has mastered over the years.

Name: Joanne - @aproudhome

Following: 28.1k

About: Joanne's crafty furniture projects prove that you can transform just about anything once your have an idea and the right tools.

Name: Catherine - @catherinedaly7111

Following: 556

About: Repurposing old or pre-loved furniture, Catherine has managed to create a collection of new units to style in her home.

Name: Cathy - @cathymcgovern_carrowlane

Following: 4,143

About: Cathy has a knack for finding brilliant budget furniture that she then completely transform into beautiful pieces of art.

Name: Catherine - @ck_ireland

Following: 2,709

About: DIY-lover Catherine has a talent for creating stunning punch needle wall art to which she styles beautifully around her home.

Name: Catherine - @daintydressdiaries

Following: 65.1k

About: From cat tents to kitchen cabinets, Catherine posts new DIY or upcycling projects on a regular basis so you'll have plenty of ideas to work with.

Name: Laura - @dixiesyard

Following: 3,896

About: Laura's upcycled designs are beautifully orchestrated and always budget-friendly!

Name: Bronagh - @foxhollowstyle

Following: 4,462

About: Experimenting with paint, Bronagh's creative projects will inspire you to introduce more colour into your home.

Name: @houseoffourwinds

Following: 2,153

About: Incorporating upcycled designs into various parts of her home, Aisling has created pieces that are sustainable but still look incredible.

Name: Joanne - @joannecondon

Following: 16.8k

About: As author of Furniture Crush, a furniture painting guide, and regularly running creative workshops, you can trust that you'll find ample colour and DIY inspiration on Joanne's Instagram account.

Name: Brenda - @justmyhomeinireland

Following: 2,620

About: Embracing bold colours, Brenda has given pre-loved furniture a complete makeover.

Name: Linda - @makedoanddiy

Following: 1,084

About: DIY-enthusiast Linda works with stencils to create her own mural wall painting which works just as effectively as wallpaper.

Name: Grace - @myhomemythrone

Following: 4,516

About: Painting over well-worn tiles or floor boards is a quick, affordable fix but it's also an opportunity for you to get creative, take inspiration from Grace's revamp of her utility room floor.


Name: Lynn - @myoldbrandnewhome

Following: 5,791

About: Adding wall art is a simple way to decorate but Lynn took it that next step further and has created impressive  DIY ombre walls to add extra style her space.


Name: Darran - @oldvictoriannew

Following: 16.4k

About: Get inspired by Darran's incredible upcycle projects which are really simple and practical to recreate.


Name: Marie - @paint_it_white_

Following: 1,410

About: A fan of charity shops, Marie has a knack for finding pre-loved pieces and putting her own personal creative stamp on them.

Name: Paul - @phoneboxman

Following: 502

About: Revamping an original mid century Irish phonebox is no mean feat but Paul has a talent for refurbishing them back to their former glory.

Name: Sarah - @retwiggd

Following: 5,396

About: Sarah's clever upcycled creations add a unique and personal touch to her home.

Name: Saara - @saara_mcloughlin

Following: 4,489

About: Having previously undertaken a range of upcycling projects in her home, notably her incredible kitchen makeover, Saara is a pro at giving her interiors a complete refresh.

Name: Yvonne -@sixat21

Following: 122k

About: From bed frames to kitchen tables, Yvonne's home is a treasure trove of gorgeous repurposed furniture and accessories.

Name: Rose -  @theheywhohouse

Following: 635

About: Breathing new life into tired furniture, Rose has totally transformed some incredible pieces with her furniture makeovers.

Name: Eimear - @eimearhutchinson

Following: 28.1k

About: With just a lick of paint, Eimear has transformed some of her favourite pieces of furniture into new and stylish statement features in her home.

Name: Katrina - @vintageirishkat

Following: 25.6k

About: Adding colour and print to tired furniture has allowed Katrina to create unique and stylish home furnishings.

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