#InteriorInfluence19: 24 Irish Instagrammers with beautiful period homes

By Aoife Valentine Secor 18-10-2019

It's time! We're announcing our full shortlists for the Interior Influence 2019 Awards, celebrating Ireland's online creative community in House and Home style. We wanted to shine a light on all of our incredible nominees - and believe us, there is A LOT of talent out there - by introducing you to the shortlisted accounts in every category. 

There's something a little special about period homes, and we love to see the ways people balance their beautiful old character often with some more modern additions or stylings. Striking that balance is no meat feat so we wanted to recognise those who are showcasing period homes beautifully, sponsored by Roberts.

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These accounts are the ones who show the owners' period homes or vintage and retro styles to perfection.


In alphabetical order, these are the 20 Irish Instagrammers who have beautiful period homes or vintage home interiors



Name: Laura Ann - @all.thats.pretty  

Following: 79,055

About: Laura Ann's house might be a new build, but she's committed to recreating that vintage vibe in her interiors.



Name: Catherine - @ck_ireland

Following: 2,705

About: Catherine is renovating an 155 year old townhouse and putting her own stamp on things.




Name: Tanya Ross - @6highstreet

Following: 3,053

About: Tanya is renovating her Georgian home from 1786 with a modern take and a nod to the original features.



Name: Bernie - @countrylifemystyle

Following: 11.5k

About: Bernie's home is a self-build, done in a period style with beautiful vintage decor.


Name: Laura - @deco.dwelling

Following: 5,888

About: The art deco era is Laura's bag, and she pulls of the style beautifully.



Name: Katty - @denoffoxes

Following: 11.1k

About: Katty's home is a beautiful and seamless blend of old and new.



Name: Carmel - @doxyinterior

Following: 3,820

About: Carmel embraces the period features in her Edwardian terraced home gorgeously.



Name: Freida - @frieda_100

Following: 2,611

About: Self-confessed #teakgeek Frieda's Edwardian home is chock full of vintage and mid-century gems.



Name: Joanne - @happeyside

Following: 3,622

About: Joanne's gorgeous vintage style comes through in every room in her home.



Name: Jen Connell - @jen_connell_

Following: 3,566

About: Vintage glam is basically Jen's personal brand, and it extends to every room in her house, too.



Name: Debbie - @justanoviceatinteriordesign

Following: 1,731

About: Debbie's dormer bungalow is stunning with an incredible collection of art mixing many eras beautifully.



Name: Julie - @letsby.avenue

Following: 3,383

About: Julie's 101-year-old period Belfast home truly takes advantage of its high ceilings beautifully.



Name: Alison - @lifeatnumberten

Following: 14.5k

About: Alison's vintage style and pinky hues are evident all throughout her home.



Name: Barbara - @livingandbeauty

Following: 6,036

About: Barbara tracks down beautiful secondhand pieces that give her home its cosy vibe.



Name: Fiona - @me_in_mid_air

Following: 634

About: Fiona's renovating her Victorian terraced home and balancing its period features with modern decor with stunning results.



Name: Emily Jane - @mollys_vintagevibes

Following: 3,522

About: Vintage vibes by name, Emily Jane has brought an old style touch to her gorgeous home.


Name: Eileen - @nellsinterior

Following: 1,705

About: Eileen's vintage furniture and accessories are perfectly styled throughout her home.



Name: Darran - @oldvictoriannew

Following: 16.4k

About: Darran has renovated his old Victorian home and added an extension that beautifully ties the new and old together.



Name: Ciara - @orminstonhousedesign

Following: 18.4k

About: It can't be argued that Orminston House is a period home, and Ciara's renovation has truly brought into the modern world.



Name: Jennifer - @renovating_corahouse

Following: 13k

About: Jennifer is renovating her Edwardian period home and balancing the original character of her home with making it family-friendly.



Name: Millie - @tales.from.an.irish.farmhouse

Following: 1,918

About: Millie's Irish farmhouse has a huge array of super interesting features that are completely different to most period homes.



Name: Aisling - @vintagehillcork

Following: 7,080

About: Aisling's home is chock full of the most fabulous vintage finds, from top to bottom.



Name: Katrina - @vintageirishkat

Following: 25.6k

About: Kat's dedication to second-hand and upcycled finds knows no bounds and she manages to include them to fit her own unique aesthetic, perfectly.



Name: Maggie - @wisteriatreehouse

Following: 7,495

About: Maggie is restoring an 18th century house, and filling with beautiful antique finds.

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