10 bedrooms we'd love to snuggle up in right now

By Aimée Moriarty 10-11-2016
10 bedrooms we'd love to snuggle up in right now

Above: Photography by Andrea Posadas via advicefromatwentysomething.com

Bedrooms should be places of comfort and peace, but that doesn't mean they have to be a total snooze fest! The key is to make it as you, as possible - inject your own personality, after all, it's your own personal space.


Image via: alencordic.se

Why have one duvet, when you can have two? Just look how comfy this bed looks - the extra cushions are an added bonus too!


Image via: Hm.com

We, like a lot of Irish H&M fans, couldn't contain our excitement when the brand decided to open an online Irish store, so we could get our mitts on their fab interiors! Minimalist and grey interiors are so en vogue at the moment, and H&M pull this off, perfectly.


Image via: Derek Swalwell of Union Management

If liking a copper, blush and grey palette makes us basic, then we don't want to be anything else. This trio of colour complements each other so perfectly and we're definitely on the copper bandwagon!


Via: Stek Magazine

We love the rustic look of this Scandinavian-styled bedroom - no need for a bed frame here, simply a mattress on the floor will do. The combination of roughly painted brick walls, with equally roughly painted floorboards, make this a match made in boho styling heaven!


Via: Abigail Ahern

Speaking of boho styling, check out this one for size - this supersize bed looks perfect for that evening nap, we've been planning since we woke up, this morning! You could easily go all DIY with this canopy by getting yourself a few sturdy enough bamboo sticks and some fabric, to drape. Easy peasy!


Styling and image by Louise Roche of The Design Villa

All white is all right with us - white is perfect for creating the illusion of space if you have a particularly small bedroom. It's also good for giving your room a peaceful atmosphere, aiding your sleep.


Image via: Decor Dots

Ok, we admit it, we're obsessed with the newest craze of chunky knitted blankets - see how to make your own, here. They add a sense of warmth and cosiness to your room and they'll look pretty awesome, draped at the end of your bed too!


Via: Urban Outfitters

Autumn/winter is all about layering, in fashion and bedrooms are no different - add more than one throw on your bed to give it that extra cosy look. If you're feeling a little crafty, you could try and make your own bed frame, from some old wooden palettes - it will be sure to make your room look like one in a New York loft.



Monochrome never goes out of style, so it's always a safe bet when you're decorating your home - it's a crisp, clean trend and we're big fans!


Image via: Holly Marder of Avenuelifestyle.com

Bedrooms need to be brighter than most of your house, so we love how this combines bright white with lightly washed wood - and of course the addition of blush cushions, plays right into our hands!

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