Seven beautiful bathrooms we'd love to call our own

By Aoife Valentine 08-09-2016

Whether you're one to take long, indulgent, relaxing baths or you're in and out of the shower in a few minutes flat, your bathroom is probably one of the more important rooms in your house that you never really talk about.

While friends and family who visit may comment on your kitchen and living rooms, chances are you're not showing off your bathroom unless you've had it recently remodeled. However, we all probably start and end our days in the bathroom, so it's time to give them some love.

Here are seven of our favourite, starting with this bright white, light, airy one. The blue dresser gives it a slightly luxe feel when paired with the marble floor, but our favourite part of this bathroom is actually the light. Unusual for a bathroom space, we love unique lighting that adds character to a room. Vintage-style lights work a treat, but do check they are damp-rated before installing to avoid any mishaps.

3012893900000578-3395624-This_image_posted_by_Buckinghamshire_Full_House_Refurbishment_ha-a-18_1452613671934 Image:Daily Mail

The grey tiles and the dark hardwood floors in this bathroom are very on trend. We also love the personalised handlettered poster, which is a nice touch.

Bit of exposed piping, anyone? We love the graphic lines you can play with with exposed pipes, and the industrial feel.

The orange tiles contrast perfectly with the white walls and sink, and dark tiled floor, which proves you can totally go for bright, bold colours in your bathroom.

This bathroom is generally gorgeous, but our favourite part is that beautiful shower head. If you can't afford to renovate your bathroom, even just changing your hardware and faucets can make a big difference to the look and feel of the room.

This is a relatively small room but these glazed doors give a beautiful light to the shower. They make the space feel far more open than it is. Clever!

Is there anything to be said for a clean, crisp white room, brought to life with colourful accessories? We also love the ladder of shelves, which is a clever storage solution when you're playing with minimal space.

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