These Bathroom Colour Ideas Will Change How You See Your Space

By Aoife Valentine Secor 12-02-2018

All-white bathrooms are classics for a reason, and it's not surprising they crop up again and again in trend lists, especially over the last number of years when we've been exploring minimalism. White is an easy default colour for all things bathroom-related, from tiles to paint shades - it looks clean and modern, and can be a blank slate, so to speak, for whatever accent colour accessories you want to add, if any.

However, interior designers are forever advising that bright colours or moody tones work best for small spaces, and it's likely your bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in your home, so why do we shy away? If you're feeling a bit brave or are looking to breathe some new life into your bathroom, we've rounded up four bathroom colour ideas that will have you saying goodbye to white, or might just change how you see your space.



Let's start with the complete opposite of a white bathroom by suggesting you consider giving all black a go. Paint everything, even the ceiling, in the dark tone, and then finish off the space with some strong hardware, in brass or gold, to bring some light and drama, and antique rugs to give some personality, dimension and texture.



Now, we're not suggesting you bring in green baths, showers, toilets and sinks you might remember from your grandparents' or even your parents' houses, but soft greens make for a perfect bathroom colour. Paint may look a little drab in this colour, but it's worth looking at glass or ceramic green tiles, from floor to ceiling, and even extend them into the shower for a seamless look. Black fixtures work very well with this shade.



Salmon-y, coral-y orange-y pinks give bathrooms a cheery, warm feel, but need to be controlled with chrome or black finishes, graphic flooring in neutral shades, and retro touches.



It'll take a lot of bravery to go for it with a yellow-soaked paintbrush in your bathroom, and if it sounds like a blinding change for you, taking it down a peg and painting just your bath might be happy medium. It will still make a bold statement in your bathroom, and it can stand out when paired with natural wood tones and complementary art.


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