How to Make Decoupage Tree Baubles

How to Make Decoupage Tree Baubles

Supplies: Length of ribbon, decoupage glue, glue brush, polystyrene sphere, decoupage paper, one pin

Cost: €2

Time: 5 mins

Difficulty Rating: Very easy

  1.  Cut a four inch length of ribbon and pin it as a loop into the top of your bauble to-be. Your decoupage paper will cover the ends of the ribbon.
  2. Tear your sheet of decoupage paper into strips, don't use a scissors to cut it as the rough edges will glue better together than clean edges. Remember - you can use any print paper you want as the bauble shape itself says Christmas so experiment with different designs and colours.
  3. Place your bauble on top of a glass and brush glue onto one hemisphere and then start sticking on your strips of paper until all the areas are covers - avoid creases by brushing over the paper and feel free to overlap the strips. Turn the bauble around and repeat for the other hemisphere.
  4. Finally paint a layer of glue over all the paper to get a sealed and even finish.
  5. Leave your bauble to dry and start hanging onto your tree. 





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