How to make a mirror topped table

By Amber Clery 03-07-2012
How to make a mirror topped table

Have you got a table lying around your home that's seen better days? Well here's a simple and quirky way you can change the look of a tired old side table and transform it into a sleek new piece of furniture. We've shown you in the past how to transform the look of a coffee table using wallpaper and now here's another idea using a piece of mirror.

Follow these steps:

  • simply measure your table top and ask your local glass supplier to cut a piece of mirror to size
  • you can stick your mirror to your table top using a liquid adhesive or use little stoppers to prevent it from sliding around
  • stand back and admire your beautiful new table!

This idea is great if your table top is a little scarred or scruffy or if you want to enhance the sense of light and space in your living room.

Pretty nifty, huh?

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