Irish Interiors Instagrammers: ones to watch for 2019

By Aoife Valentine Secor 12-02-2019

Last year we pulled together nine of our go-to Irish interiors Instagrammers that we all know and love who have grown up around our #myhouseandhome hashtag on the picture-sharing platform.

The hashtag is chock full of talented Irish homeowners with a flair for home decor, and we love discovering new accounts every month as the community grows.

For 2019, we're highlighting some up and coming faces - they may not be new accounts, but these are Irish interiors Instagrammers you're going to want to make sure you're following for beautiful real home inspiration.


13 Irish interiors instagrammers to know in 2019


Yvonne's account has been a long time favourite of ours. She describes herself as an upcycler and salvage hunter, and it makes her account, and by extension her home style, super unique and different. With quite a boho aesthetic, her home looks like an absolute treasure trove, so it never feels like you're seeing the same space twice, either.



Fashion buyer Laura's sartorial knowledge can be seen throughout her Victorian home in Belfast. We're in love with the colour scheme used throughout her home - dark, but with plenty of elements that bring light to her spaces.



Galway-based Caroline definitely subscribes to the idea that more is more, and you can see it in the more maximalist vibe in many corners of her home. We love the pops of colour she features also.



Laura's renovating her northern Irish home, and she's bringing her followers along on the journey on her Instagram. Her beautiful kitchen - complete with striking green radiator - and her dote-y pink and grey bathroom are just two of her successful projects so far.



Caroline's also tracking her progress, but hers is a self-build project. She's got a very classic style, and every corner of her house is perfectly styled. No need for Marie Kondo's magic in this gaff!



Ruth is an interior architect and she certainly takes work home if her house is anything to go by. She is renovating her home as she goes, and has an eye for gorgeous furniture and accessories, which are all styled to perfection.



From her Instagram, you can tell Lynn's kitchen is her pride and joy, but there are plenty of corners of this beautiful Waterford home worth highlighting. If pops of pink are your bag, this home will definitely be up your street.



The couple behind this account have put everything into bringing a neglected period home back to its former glory. The house dates to around 1840 and needed the works, so if you've a similar project in mind, this is definitely one to follow.




Jessica and Dan are on their self-build journey and sharing every step of the way. The rooms they've finished so far are beautiful, so we're keeping a close eye on what else they get up to throughout the rest of their 2,900 sq ft country home.



Amid a sea of dark decor, Rowan's cottage is a colourful delight. She promises a life full of love and colour, and both are obvious in abundance from the second you visit her account. Particularly great if you're decorating kids rooms - Rowan's a mam of four, so she's got an idea or twenty.



We featured a gorgeous real home tour of Zita's Dublin house a couple of years ago, and we're still keeping up with her Instagram adventures. Zita's the queen of unusual colour choices, modern wallpapered rooms, and pre-loved or handmade pieces, so her home is, unsurprisingly, an eclectic mix.



Designer Tanya lives in a stunning period home that she's restored beautifully. The whole house is stunning, but we're obsessed with her kitchen, which made our list of top kitchens on Instagram last month.



Anne-Marie has long been known for her fashion chops, but of late she's ventured into interiors content, and we're loving it. She's renovating her Dublin home, and if her recently completed bathroom project is anything to go by, we're going to want to move in by the time she's finished.


If you're looking for inspiring Irish interiors Instagrammers, and you've not heard of our #myhouseandhome hashtag before, what are you waiting for? Head on over to Instagram and dive headfirst into all that lovely Irish interiors inspiration. Every month we release a new list of home-related prompts so feel free to post along with us! There's a prize for the best each month, so besides meeting some of the best of the best in Irish interiors, you'll be in with the chance of winning something deadly - win, win!


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