11 gorgeous spaces that will convince you neon interiors are not too much

By Aoife Valentine Secor 13-07-2017

neon interiors

Most of us assume that neon colours are too much for our homes. Putting neon and home decor in the same sentence is a scary prospect - they're bright and overwhelming and there's a fine line between super, super cool and modern, and totally tacky when it comes to such bright, bold colours. However, a touch of neon here and there never hurt anyone! You can use them in small doses, or larger doses paired with some good neutrals, without blinding everyone who enters your home. To show you it can be done, we picked 11 of our favourite examples of neon interiors being used expertly to elevate a space.


A white bedroom is the perfect palette for some neon colours. This velvet headboard is bold, but not as loud as some of the neon accessories like the light fixture, the painting and the neon throw, allowing for some balance.

Image: Apartment Therapy


How gorgeous are these neon yellow cabinets in this dining space? This is less of a subtle nod to neon and more a screaming declaration of a love of bright colours - but it totally works! It takes centre stage in the room, but because it's a beautiful piece of furniture and paired with some classic wooden tones, it doesn't take over in a bad way.

Image: Elle Decor Sweden


This room could be pretty traditional, but the addition of the bright pink trim on the blue spotty armchairs, as well as the 'play' neon sign, really adds some interest to the room.

Image: Apartment Therapy


This is a super simple way to bring a hint of neon in, and it totally pops against the painted white brick wall background. This could easily stand alone as the only nod to neon interiors in a room and not look out of place.

Image: Tidy Away Today


This is a massive, massive piece of art that really makes a statement and adds such fun to this nursery space. The soft furnishing tie it all together to finish off the room.

Image: House of Jade


These two are from the same home, and the neon works similarly in both cases. The pink ladder and small yellow accessories brighten up an otherwise fairly neutral, simple room. And in the second image, it's a very traditional dining set at heart, but the classic silhouette is transformed with the neon and white paint job on the chairs, drawing interest away from the dark wood table.

Images: Vtwonen


This is so slight, it could never be seen as big statement neon interiors, but that's not to say the neon additions aren't doing a whole load of work. This is an exercise in juxtaposition, between the rustic, worn wooden doors, the neon orange and yellow trims on the moldings and mirror, and the bright white of the rest of the space.

Image: Design Milk 


Contrast is the key to nailing the neon interiors look, and this room is almost a lesson in how to do it. Make sure your pops of neon are rare if they're going to be large pieces, so they can stand out immediately when someone walks into the room. Setting them against neutral or darker walls and floors maximises the effect.

Image: The Shelterness


Speaking of contrasts, the glossy white cabinets are perfect in this kitchen with bright accessories. The fact the skirting board is full of neon accents, alongside the neon accessories on the shelves, is perfect when paired with the bright but more neutral fridge as the main pop of colour.

Image: Oh Joy


A dark kitchen is a very modern, slick choice but the neon really lifts the space. Painting all the cabinets in the bright yellow may have been a step too far, but just keeping to the lower cabinets really divides the space well.

Image: Team Confetti

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