The new monochrome: the latest way to work with black and white

By Aoife Valentine 03-04-2018

Spots, stripes, chevrons – the new monochrome is a pattern mash-up for the ages

Image: Essential Home

A combination of black and white is nothing new in interiors, but for 2018, we've seen a more modern take on monochromatic decor. The new monochrome is a little more daring and a little more playful than you might initially think of when you think of this classic combo. The 2018 monochrome trend goes heavy on patterns, which can work even in homes where black and white decor is chosen for a clean, minimalist look.

Monochrome is a great base for most rooms to build on, with the juxtaposition and interplay between the two colours helping break up a living space visually. Greys can add cohesiveness to a room without straying too far, but regardless, you've built strong foundations with a monochrome theme.

Image: Robson Rak

These shades can be sleekly combined to create outstanding textures, patterns and shapes, which in the abstract sounds manic, but due to the starkness of these colours, can create quite a sophisticated look in your home.

If loud patterns aren't for you, smaller designs can be a softer, more subtle approach for calming vibe, while still fitting within the trend. Stripes can create height or add the illusion of length, on the other hand, and using varying scales of shapes and designs can give you a bolder result.

Image: Elle Decor

An all-white bathroom can be livened up with a bold patterned monochrome alcove, while on the flip side if you're feeling brave, all-black walls create a dramatic backdrop that still maintains a homely feel. No matter which you choose as your dominant colour, monochromatic decor provides a perfect background for shapely accessories, allowing your decorative pieces to stand out and contrast in your space.

Image: Lust Living

No matter how bold or subtle you choose to go with monochrome pattern in your home, there is an elegance to be found in the modern take on the age old colour combo.

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