Often overlooked: 5 ways to add style and functionality to your hallway

By Fiona Hyland 29-05-2017
Often overlooked: 5 ways to add style and functionality to your hallway

Our hallway is often a room that we neglect when buying accessories for our home. But in fact, the hall plays a very important role in the home; it's the first glimpse that your guests get of your home, and can even set the tone for the rest of the house.

If you don't have a huge amount of cash to splash on your hall, don't worry, because there are some pretty beautiful, cost effective things you can do to make your hallway a welcoming, well-curated, functional space.

Hanging or potted plants make a great addition to any room, hallways included. Not only do they breath a breath of fresh air into a room, but they add a gorgeous pop of colour.

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No windows? No problem. Create a bright hallway with some bright paint or wall paper. The storage baskets under the hall table conceal that general hall-crap that tends to build up!

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Is your hallway long and narrow? Hanging art or picture frames along the walls is a great way to detract the eye from long, narrow space. Think different size frames and pieces, and in this case, symmetry isn't always best.

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Not for the faint hearted, but stay with me! Be bold, and paint your space in a deep burgundy, forest green, or dare we say navy? Painting your hallway a dark colour will conceal things like ugly skirting boards and unsightly radiators, making your space appear larger.

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Making use of clever storage is a great way to hide unsightly items from your hallway, for example shoes, sports equipment or jackets. This ottoman from Oliver Bonas is a gorgeous addition to any hallway, while the seating element creates anĀ inviting vibe to your home.

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