Home hack: 11 storage solutions to save space in your house

By Aoife Valentine Secor 09-09-2016

No matter how much you Marie Kondo your house and rid your home of clutter, there will always be some stuff you just want or need to keep around. Storage, however, can be a problem.

If you've got a smaller home, it can be tough to find the room. Even if you have more space, there are plenty of things you won't want on show or will want to find a nice way to display. We've got eleven storage hacks to help get your stuff together.

How gorgeous are these book shelves? The unused space behind the door is completely transformed by these narrow book shelves, which conveniently provide an easily reachable space for kids' books.

We all have a laundry basket, but you can save on space by hanging it up on the back of a door or inside a wardrobe. As well as saving the floor space, it means it's kept out of sight, which is always a plus.

marthastewartImage: Martha Stewart



You can easily store your pots, pans and oven dishes on top of one another, but it's a bit of a pain when you actually need to use one of them. Make your life easier by using a vertical bakeware organiser on its side, secured to the press wall using cable clips.


Got endless belts and bangles knocking around your bedroom? Kitchen roll holders offer a simple solution to keep them all in one place. You'll also be able to see what you have. File organisers can keep clutches in order too.

Printers can be quite bulky - and ugly - hardware to keep around the house. Transform a drawer in a dresser to both store it, and allow you easy access when you actually need to print something.

thekitchn Image: The Kitchn

In a small kitchen, often counter space is minimal between sinks, ovens, microwaves and the likes. Create more space for working with or even just for keeping appliances while you're not cooking by building burner covers. They're easily removed when you want to use the hob but in the mean time, you've got yourself some extra storage and counter space.

Big, clunky toys can be hard to store and sometimes it can feel a bit pointless when they're back out again the next day. A peg board gets the big toys off the ground, but leaves them easily accessible to the kids.

A similar trick can work for tools in the shed. By putting them on slats like these, they fold mostly away against the wall. You can see everything you have, without them being in the way.

A tension rod measured perfectly for under the sink brings some organisation to the usual chaos there. Bottles hung higher up frees up space below for other essentials. If you're hanging heavier bottles, a screw-mounted option is probably better.

You can stack your pots into one another but the lids take up extra space you often don't have. A simple metal towel bar, about two inches out from the press door, is the perfect solution to hand up the lids.


ikea Image: IKEA

Shoes in the hall can take up a lot of space and look messy. Hanging them on hooks flush to the wall frees up that floor space and makes everything look that bit tidier.

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