These 7 kids' bedrooms and nurseries are the cutest things we've ever seen!

By Fiona Hyland 19-09-2017

These kids rooms are so cute, we kind of want them for ourselves!


We adore this night time motif, painted onto this wall. While this moon lamp is absolutely adorable. The Scandi-style ladder makes for the perfect storage solution for towels, blankets nappy bags etc. When can we move in?

Image 1

For the wanderer in all of us, we adore this bohemian-style nursery. It's white walls are gender-neutral while the soft elephant figures and teddy bears make this room super cosy.

Image 2

This space is ideal; plenty of room for activities, while the large, spacious wardrobes are the perfect place to store toys and clothes, making this a space that's open, inviting and neat.

Image 3

Why limit yourself to using just the one colour? White walls allow you to play around with various colour schemes, and is super adaptable for when your tots turn into teens. We adore the layered rugs and cushions in the space, making it a space you'll want to spend all of your time in.

Image 4

Perfect for sisters, brothers or twins; these twin beds with strong paint motifs are easily changed up to suit your tot's hobbies. This IKEA Kallax unit acts as both a double bedside locker and storage for clothes or toys, while the shelves over the unit make a really interesting design element.

Image 5

This raspberry pink is perfect for the little princess in the family. The detail in this room is second to none, especially the cloud-shaped shelves, and pumpkin carriage side table.

Image 6

Who says that dark colours aren't for kids? This striking yellow bed frame, teal 'hello' wall sign, and bright pink chair really make this room pop; perfect for pre-teens.

Image 7


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