The 7 trendy houseplants you're seeing ALL OVER your Instagram feed

By Aoife Valentine Secor 20-06-2018

Ever since Pantone announced Greenery as their colour of the year for 2017, we've all gone houseplant crazy. And we ain't mad about it! Our Instagram feeds are full to the brim of homes heaving with beautiful houseplants, and not only is it inspiring us to bring more and more life to our own homes with some extra greenery, it's also opening our eyes to houseplants we wouldn't have even recognised two years ago.

Your average fern or lily plant is lovely and everything, but that's not all you're seeing in these beautiful homes. So, to save you the bother of having to google 'that big plant with the big patterned leaves' to try to figure out the name of your favourites, we've compiled them into a handy list.

Shopping lists at the ready, folks! You're going to want them all.

1. The Fiddle Leaf Fig

The Fiddle Leaf Fig is iconic, but it's a total diva. They're glossy and gorgeous, but notoriously hard to look after, so maybe not the place to start if you're new to gardening, even if this is one of those plants you're seeing everywhere. They need A LOT of sunshine to survive, which is no easy task in Ireland, so place them near a light-filled window. However, fussy-alert! They also HATE cold drafts so be wary of that. On the watering front, it's a little easier - they like to dry out between waterings so you probably won't need to water it more than once a week. You'll know it's thirsty if you see droopy leaves, or the top inch of soil is dry. Its big leaves tend to get dusty, which doesn't help if they're trying to soak up all that vitamin D, so wipe 'em down regularly with a damp cloth.


2. The Snake Plant

These guys are basically impossible to kill. They are drought-loving plants, who are happy in pretty much any light situation, whether its direct sunlight or a low light offering. There's around 70 different varieties of snake plants, though you might find it in the gardening centre under the moniker 'mother-in-law's tongue'. Word to the wise though, some variants of these can be toxic to pets so double-check your pets will be a-okay before picking one up.


3. The String of Pearls

These little guys are just adorable, right? They're tougher than they look, too! They belong in bright, but not direct, sunlight so ideally you'll house them in the brightest room in your house, but maybe not on the windowsill. Make sure they've got a pot that allows for good drainage, and don't over water them. They like to dry out completely between watering. If you're feeling your gardening skills, these are super easy to propagate so you can grow more if you look after them well.


4. The Monstera Deliciosa

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My instagram has turned into part plantstagram, and I just have to apologise about that. . . . I grew up in a very lush home, and I've always had at least a few plants around, in addition to large amounts of vegetables and herbs grown on our terrace each summer. Though despite this, I never felt like I had the time or energy to dedicate myself to a year round urban jungle. After a nasty depression dump this winter however, I wanted to create a happier and healthier indoor environment to help with my overall mood. And as this is me we're talking about, I jumped in with both feet first and bought a whole bunch of new plants. I've had a few of them in the past, with varying degrees of success, while others were chosen among plants I enjoy the aesthetics of. (Like this monstera which has just exploded since we brought it home😍) So far I am a very pleased plant mom, eager to expand my collection and knowledgebase - and I've already met so many amazing fellow plant parents of instagram being all helpful and sweet af!☺ I am going full nerd on this I guess🤓 . . . . (Also, can you spot the itty bitty baby sansevieria in the back? It broke off during the transport home as it got a bit too familiar with the aloe vera in the back seat, and I had no choice but to put it in its own pot to save it. I'm happy to report that it's already growing!👏)

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This is one of those plants that's really at the heart of the houseplants trend, and for good reason! Not only is it a beaut, the super leafy plant is really easy to grow. They're not too fussy, but do require some care - they prefer gentle sunlight (ie 5-10 feet away from a bright window), and humid environments, so try to keep their soil damp at all times. During summer and spring, a fertiliser will do this plant wonders, and will encourage new growth. If you want it to grow up rather than out, add some stakes for it to climb and lean on, and soon you'll have the basis of an epic botanical themed room.


5. The Kentia Palm

This is a palm that's a little more demanding and a little bit sensitive. They're tropical plants that are fans of humid climates so you're going to want to keep it out of direct light, and keep it moist - you're going to need to water it when the top layer of dirt is dry. To try and replicate the humid climes it loves, mist the leaves with water from time to time. And if you can, avoid repotting it. It's got super sensitive roots so they prefer to be left where they are, where possible.


6. The Bird of Paradise

You probably know this guy as that big statement plant you see everywhere! He's an epic, hardy, leafy plant, that loves to be in a bright room, but like the String of Pearls, out of direct sunlight. A west or south-facing room is their ideal home, at least five feet back from any windows. These guys won't die if you forget to water them for a week, but they do thrive when you're watering consistently so keep an eye on the soil. If you spot any dying leaves, trim them and it will encourage new growth.


7. The Pothos

A good 'un if you were not blessed with green thumbs, these slightly wild little guys are air-purifying and happy to be a little neglected. All of the benefits and minimal work? We're in. They're happiest when their soil is dried out between watering, so go easy on the H2O, unless you see browning or wilting leaves. They don't mind fluorescent lighting either, making them a great choice for your office desk, and if you plan to keep yours at home, just remember to keep it out of direct sunlight.


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