7 ways to warm up your home without switching on the heating

By Aoife Valentine Secor 23-09-2016

Is it time to turn on the heating yet? If you're not ready to accept the change to cooler weather and are resisting setting the heating timer, we're all in the same boat. Before the winter really sets in, we've got some tips and tricks to make your home feel a little bit warmer, even if the temperature isn't actually heating up. First up is covering bare floors with a rug, to create a warmer and more inviting atmosphere.

2. Mix Materials

coco-kelley-mixed-matrials Image: Coco Kelley

Mix up your materials to create an interesting sort of tactile interplay between surfaces and materials. Soft materials on top of hard surfaces, fluffy blankets against rougher materials, you name it.

3. Layer it up

gravityhome-tumblr-layer-up Image: Gravity Home

Similarly, layering up can help make your house feel more home-y, making it more cosy and inviting. Particularly relevant around this time of year for your beds and couches - layer them up with printed or patterned blankets and throws, or add some texture with quilted throw pillows or the like.

4. Mix in metallics

metallics-sherwinca Image: Sherwinca

There's plenty to be said for using rich colours, like this deep purple, in your rooms to warm them up, but warm metallics also help. Metallics radiate light, and also feel a bit wintery, giving you that cosy feel.

5. Use open shelving

Full shelves make a house feel like home. It's an easy way to layer your favourite stuff, from books to photos to random accessories to plants, which gives your house a lived-in feel, much more so than closed presses. You can be more minimalist about it, but displaying some personal items brings a warmth.

6. Have multiple light sources

mydomaine-lighting Image: My Domaine

Lighting a room right is one of the most basic ways to create or change the ambiance. Bright, fluorescent overhead lights aren't going to feel all that homely. Even swapping out cool-toned bulbs for warmer toned ones will make a difference. However, the game-changer is having multiple lighting sources, so opt for floor and table lamps around the room for a more cosy feel.


7. Light some candles

On the lighting theme, adding a few candles to a room can make a real difference. They can help change the mood of any room, with their soft glow. Pick a complimentary fragranced candle to really create a relaxed, cosy atmosphere. Use candles of various sizes and shapes to create some dimension as well.

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