House and Home's Christmas Eve Checklist

By Karen 01-12-2010

Make sure you're sorted for Christmas with this handy Christmas Eve Checklist:

  • Write up a cooking plan for Christmas dinner with the timings for turkey and trimmings
  • Lay and decorate your dinner table not forgetting to decorate it
  • Chill your white wine and champagne
  • Light cinnamon scented candles or incense to bring the smell of Christmas into your home
  • Top up on fuel for your open fire if necessary and fill your car with petrol while you are at it
  • Arrange a tray with bottles of drink and glasses for guests
  • Replace tealights and candles
  • Top up the Christmas tree with water
  • Finish wrapping any last minute presents
  • Prepare the guest room for visitors
  • Stack and run your dishwasher
  • Wrap any last-minute pressies for under the tree
  • If you haven’t done it already hang a Christmas wreath on your front door
  • Leave out a snack for Santa and some carrots for Rudolph

So there's our Christmas Eve checklist! Have we left anything out? Tell us in a comment.

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