Over 50% of Irish people want a traditional, rural home

By Aoife Valentine 24-07-2018

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Half of Irish people would prefer a more traditional, rural home, a recent study has revealed.

The survey, conducted by Chill Insurance, asked 1000 Irish inhabitants about their ideal Irish home and their preferred county. When asked what their ideal home would look like, over half said they would prefer a more rural setting, choosing a life of rivers and mountains over busy pubs and congested roads.

When asked what their preferred style of house would be, the most popular options were two or three bed houses, with people preferring detached homes and townhouses to semi-detached and flats.

Nearly seven out of ten people would prefer either a new build or a house that is younger than ten years old, as opposed to an older house. In fact, only 1% want a home from the early 1900s.

"“It is not just the age and profile of home buyers that has changed in recent years; their demands, expectations and priorities have shifted significantly. Outside of the cities, areas of natural beauty that have recently become more accessible with our improved motorway system, like rural Wicklow and North Wexford, are attracting first-time buyers and families looking to trade-up from starter homes and apartments. Elsewhere around the country, the Wild Atlantic Way has opened the gateway to parts of Ireland that had been forgotten in recent decades. In particular, villages in County Clare and rural Galway are seeing a revival," said a spokesperson for BuyersBroker.ie, the independent research agency for property buyers.

The majority of respondents (61%) stated they would rather improve their current home than move to a different one, with kitchens voted the top of the renovations list.

In regards to interiors, 28% described their style as 'traditional', the least popular answers of those asked were, 'minimalist', 'retro', and 'shabby chic'. Many also reportedly would pay to get the look they desire, with 33% stating they would spend between 11% and 20% of their annual salary on their home.

There are ways to save money on your home, in particular your home insurance. A spokesperson from Chill Insurance commented: “As most of us know, the two main ways of buying insurance are: directly through an insurance company; and through an insurance broker. However the premiums offered may differ depending on which of these two options you decide to investigate for your new cover.

“Brokers, like ourselves, may provide special deals or can get you quotations from specialist companies. Brokers can also compare quotes from a number of different insurers, in our case a number of different underwriters, and find you the right deal at the right price. Remember it’s always important to have a think about a quote before buying, and make sure it’s exactly what you want and need.”

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