Renovation news: new styles and ideas for your bathroom overhaul

By Aoife Valentine 07-09-2017

Bathrooms are one of the most madeover rooms in the home, so it's worth keeping an eye on new innovations and products that can take your bathroom overhaul from average to outstanding in a few smart choices.

The latest bathroom hardware releases from VADO and Triton detailed below will certainly do just that!


Bathroom of Eden

bathroom overhaul vado triton

Combining stylish design and easy to use controls, The Eden range from Triton is as beautiful as it is user friendly. Developed in both a built in, and exposed design, the range caters for all tastes and interiors. The unique handles were designed with the user in mind, and are ideal for families, young children and the elderly.


Nature's Finest

bathroom overhaul vado triton

Leading British bathroom manufacturer, VADO have announced their new range, Kovera. Inspired by the way waterfalls sculpt our natural environment, Kovera’s elegant curved form has been designed to emulate the natural cascade of a waterfall. In addition to its inspiring design, the range features a deck and wall mounted basin, bath filters, thermostatic shower valves and matching accessories.


Period elegance

bathroom overhaul vado triton

The latest launch from Triton's Affordable Style collection has been designed to create wow factor in any bathroom space. The all chrome Kensey dual control mixer has unique forward-facing cross handles, which allows precision control for peace of mind and comfortable showering, as well as retro appeal. It also comes with an array of accessories including a slender riser rail kit with adjustable height slider and 1.5m chrome hose to give complete flexibility. You can also mix and match coordinating shower heads and controls from the Kensey collection to help you accurately reflect your unique style.


Cascading flow

bathroom overhaul vado triton

Inspired by the way waterfalls sculpt our natural environment, VADO's new Kovera range of taps offer an organic curved form, further emphasised by the waterfall-style cascade that flows when turned on. Featuring deck and wall mounted basin mixers, bath fillers, thermostatic shower valves and matching accessories, every item in the Kovera range has a hand-polished, high chrome finish and superior water temperate control.


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